New Updates to the Tim Keller Sermon Archive

This past weekend, we rolled out another series of updates to the Tim Keller Sermon Archive. If you own the archive, you should have already received your update (and downloaded your new resources) automatically. If not, simply restart your software!

One of the benefits of Logos is that you always have the latest updates to all your resources. In this case, the update includes tons of new content; in other cases, we make updates behind the scenes that you probably don’t notice, like adding links to resources in your library or adding new milestones for better navigation. The cumulative effect of all these updates is that your Logos experience always gets faster and better.

If you don’t yet own the Tim Keller Sermon Archive, now is the perfect time to pick it up. You’ll get all the sermons already available today—including all the new content—plus free updates in the coming months as we continue to transcribe and digitize additional Keller sermons.

Get it now!


  1. Awesome!

  2. George Minerva says

    As he continues to preach, will there be updates or will that be an additional purchase?

  3. Jamie Inman says

    He kinda looks like the Dalai Lama here.

  4. I attended my 45th high school class reunion this past weekend and discovered Tim graduated with me. I remember him but did not know he was a minister. He couldn't attend but I will now be following his writings. Small world.