Logos Mobile Education: Focus on Faculty

LME-LogoA few months ago, the era of Logos Mobile Education began with the Pre-Pub release of the Bible and Doctrine Foundations bundle. Mobile Ed brings the professors, the library, the visual demonstrations of software features, and the online classroom community directly to you—on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. It’s education where you are.

A distinguishing feature of Mobile Ed is its faculty. Mobile Ed professors are seasoned classroom teachers, each with a minimum of 10 years’ experience. They’re also dedicated scholars and clear thinkers with considerable experience teaching in the local church. Many are well known as authors of books in the Logos Digital Library.

Experience, scholarship, and engagement

Faculty participation in Logos Mobile Ed was driven not only by experience and scholarship, but also by each professor’s ability to engage the audience in a conversational style. Mobile Ed lectures aren’t recorded with a video camera in the back of the room. The professors speak directly to you, one on one, in brief lecture segments.

The Mobile Ed format allows us to include professors from institutions all over the world. This enables us to present curricula offering specific interpretive and theological viewpoints from professors committed to those perspectives, while also allowing you to explore alternative positions if you so desire. The result is a unique faculty of scholar-communicators whose assembly would be impossible in a traditional educational experience.

Take the next step—or get started—on your journey to greater biblical and theological knowledge today with the Bible and Doctrine Foundations bundle


  1. Any chance that these classes might be accredited?

  2. Matthew Hamrick says

    Logos has already stated this will not be accredited.

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