Canada’s New Logos Ambassador: Greg Monette

gregToday’s post is by Greg Monette, Logos’ new Canada market manager.

Over the next few months, Logos will increase its focus on serving the thousands of Canadian users who already know the software’s benefits firsthand, as well as the thousands of future users who will soon experience them.

A lifelong Canadian resident (currently living in Nova Scotia), I was hired to bring a fresh perspective to the Canadian market. Canada’s been a strong supporter of Logos from the beginning, and I’m looking forward to serving as the ambassador between Logos and my home country. After all, behind the US, no other nation has more Logos users than Canada.

I received my Master of Divinity and my Master of Arts (theology) from Acadia Divinity College in Nova Scotia, and I’m a PhD candidate in New Testament at the University of Bristol in England. I’m a massive fan of Canadian hockey, and I’m even more passionate about helping people discover the tools they need to understand the Bible.

How can I serve you?

In the months and years ahead, this new role will bring many challenges and joys. I need your help! If you’re Canadian and you have a desire to help others understand Scripture, I’d love to hear your ideas about how we can help multitudes of Canadians get more out of their Bible study with Logos. Head over to the forums and introduce yourself. I’ll respond as quickly as I can!

Helping people grow deeper in their knowledge of the Bible is one of the greatest privileges I can think of, and I’m excited to help Canada connect with Logos.

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  1. Welcome Greg!

  2. Thanks! I'm really excited to help more and more Canadians connect with Logos Bible Software!

  3. Lynden Williams says

    Welcome Greg. Martha and others will be happy to have you on board

  4. The link doesn’t work… :-(

    Greg, you have a French last name. Will you be able to help if we send you typos and bugs with the (new) French aspect of Logos?

    • Greg Monette says

      Hi Sylvio,

      Unfortunately I’m not fluent in french. I inherited my last name when I was born :) I live in Halifax! My wife is fluent, however. You can send typos and bugs directly to Logos and someone at the company should be able to fix them. We are in the process of hiring a french product manager to help with our french product line and the possibility of a french base package. Thanks for your post!

  5. You are a great man Greg!

  6. Welcome from the Pacific side Greg