Your Best Deal: Upgrading vs. Buying Individual Collections

Did you know that if you purchase just a handful of the most expensive collections included in each Logos 5 base package, they can more than cover the cost of the entire library?

Here’s how the base packages break down:

Gold: four collections included in the base package cover the entire price ($1,549.95 before upgrade and ownership discounts)


  1. Exegetical Summaries Series (24 vols.): $499.95
  2. The United Bible Societies’ Old Testament Handbook Series (29 vols.): $399.95
  3. The United Bible Societies’ New Testament Handbook Series (20 vols.): $399.95
  4. The Context of Scripture (3 vols.) $299.95

Upgrade to Gold and you’ll get 1,000 additional resources! Plus, you can take advantage of Logos 5’s advanced features, like Timeline, Bible Facts, and Clause Search.

Platinum: six collections cover the entire price ($2,149.95 before upgrade and ownership discounts)


  1. Charles Simeon’s Horae Homileticae Commentary (21 vols.): $489.95
  2. Preaching the Word Commentaries (26 vols.): $449.95
  3. Believers Church Bible Commentary (24 vols.): $399.95
  4. The Practical Works of the Rev. Richard Baxter (23 vols.): $349.95
  5. Lenski’s Commentary on the New Testament (LCNT) (12 vols.): $299.95
  6. Analytical Key to the Old Testament (4 vols.): $279.95

Upgrade to Platinum and you’ll get 1,260 additional resources and all of Logos 5’s smart features!

Portfolio: eight collections cover the entire price ($4,979.95 before upgrade and ownership discounts)

  1. PortfolioSheffield/T&T Clark Bible Guides Collection (44 vols.): $849.95
  2. Second Temple Period Collection (19 vols.): $799.95
  3. The College Press NIV Commentary Series (40 vols.): $739.95
  4. Gnostic & Apocryphal Studies Collection (10 vols.): $649.95
  5. Hermeneutics Collection (12 vols.): $649.95
  6. Exegetical Summaries Series (24 vols.): $499.95
  7. Library of NT Studies: JSNTS on Paul (17 vols.): $449.98
  8. Charles Spurgeon Collection (86 vols.): $399.95

Upgrade to Portfolio and you’ll get 2,343 more resources and all of Logos 5’s advanced features and tools! Plus, many of these resources are available only in Portfolio, which means that if you don’t upgrade to this package, you’re missing out on powerful commentaries and theological resources.

Your best deal on Logos 5

Upgrading your base package is far more affordable than purchasing individual collections. You could purchase a bunch of collections separately, but if you want the best deal on the best resources and the best Bible software, upgrading is the right choice.

And when you couple your custom upgrade discount with Dynamic Pricing—which guarantees that you never pay for the same title twice—and then factor in payment plans, Logos 5 becomes even more affordable. In fact, once your discounts get factored in, you may be able to upgrade for the cost of just two or three resources. Use the Custom Upgrade Discount Calculator to find out!

Plus, through September 30, you can get special upgrade savings on Logos 5. After September 30, upgrade deals will never be this big again.

Time is running out: find out how much you can save, and upgrade today!


  1. Be careful with your orders. I had preordered the new N T Wright collection that is due in November. This was to include "Pauline Perspectives." The order was made several months ago but only a few days ago they changed my order, deleting Pauline Perspectives replacing it with another book. The individual I contacted at Logos said I must have inadvertently changed my order somehow which I had not done. So I canceled the order. If my preorder was changed, who knows what the might change with a large order. I was very disappointed. (John Anderson, Abilene, texas).

  2. John, I assure you that if you had been willing to work with them they would have tkken care of you. I have never had them do anything else. It always amazes me how some religious folks believe they have never made a mistake!!