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  1. Jaco Schoeman says

    Hi there

    I have previously purchased the resource: Woord teen die lig (Deugde). I would like to buy another one in that series: Woord teen die lig (Doop / sakramente). Is it availible? How do I go about it?

  2. Gerald Hinteregger says

    Wow. Talk about hard sell. :-(

  3. They said this last time. Moreover, they have yet to provide reason enough to upgrade. Did they shove more junk into their packages? Yes, but it was junk. Logos is pricing themselves out of the market while other distributors are offering similar materials at a better package deal.

  4. Erwin Hiltscher says

    Last time . . . again?

  5. "Hard Sell" remember nothing happens until something is sold.