Read Aloud with the ESV Audio Bible

A few months ago, we released Logos 5.1 with some exciting additions to the Read Aloud feature. Now you can adjust the reading speed, skip backward 30 seconds if you missed something, drag the progress bar ahead or behind, or scroll through the text to jump the audio ahead with you. With word-for-word audio-to-text synchronization, Logos remembers where you left off anytime you transition from home computer to mobile device.

See for yourself:


Now we’re bringing that capability to the ESV.

And even better: it’s free!

Pre-order the ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible free while it’s on Pre-Pub and you’ll have it added to your account once it ships. Then, anytime you open the ESV on your mobile device or computer,1 you can enjoy David Cochran Heath’s professional narration reading along with you. Plug your mobile device into your car to listen to the Bible during your daily commute, connect it to speakers to share Scripture with your whole family, listen as you exercise—bring the Word with you wherever you go. 

Pre-order the ESV Audio Bible today!

  1. The ESV Audio Bible is available for streaming only, and requires an uninterrupted internet connection. []


  1. Hi Logos will there be an option to pay for this if we want to use if offline? I have had this recording for a while now in MP3 and really enjoy it, so look forward to this coming to Logos.

    • Andrew Leadley says

      Dear Logos I hope there is a option to turn off the totally annoying background music. Is this designed so that it distracts you from hearing the understanding that the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you regarding his word. Please give me one valid reason for this inane noise!!!

  2. This is so good, why not also the old testment the system narrator is to computerize

  3. I do not understand how to make this work?

  4. Why can’t I listen to this offline? I’m not online in my car.