Pre-order These Greek Resources Before the Prices Go Up!

Earlier this year, Logos announced Noet, a new initiative to apply Logos’ study tools to the classics. Now we’re pleased to announce a partnership with Focus Publishing / R. Pullins Co., a leading publisher of texts in the humanities.

Several ancient and classical Greek resources from Focus Publishing are available on Pre-Pub—but only for a limited time! If you’d like to better understand the context in which the Bible was written, these Pre-Pubs represent an amazing opportunity to build your library with resources that will develop your ability to engage with the primary texts of antiquity.

Introduction to GreekIntroduction to Greek, 2nd ed.

Regularly $29.95—get it for $18.95 on Pre-Pub

This textbook offers a full curriculum for a first-year university-level course in classical Greek. With readings from Xenophon and Herodotus, this text engages primary-source material to introduce classical Greek’s core grammatical concepts. Vocabulary sections at the end of each chapter reinforce what you’ve learned.

From Alpha to Omega Classical Greek Collection

Regularly $49.95—get it for $39.95 on Pre-Pub

A bestselling textbook in print, this collection provides a comprehensive introduction to classical Greek. Clear lessons on grammar and stimulating exercises from primary texts help you master concepts and reading competency. Primary-source selections feature works from Plato, Aristotle, Demosthenes, Thucydides, and the New Testament. You’ll also get Greek–English and English–Greek glossaries.

A Reading Course in Homeric GreekA Reading Course in Homeric Greek

Regularly $44.95—get it for $29.95 on Pre-Pub

This collection offers a broad introduction to Homeric Greek. Volume 1 surveys various technical aspects, including orthography, phonetics, morphology, and syntax. Volume 2 immerses readers in Homer’s work with selections from the Iliad. Complement this resource with The Iliad in Greek and Translation and the Loeb edition of Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and discover the world of Homeric Greek.

Transition to Attic Greek: A Supplement to A Reading Course in Homeric Greek

Regularly $10.95—get it for $6.95 on Pre-Pub

This text is the perfect resource for bridging the gap between Homeric and Attic Greek. A companion text to A Reading Course in Homeric Greek, Transition to Attic Greek includes charts, tables, and exercises to help you navigate the peculiarities of the Attic dialect.

Greek Paradigm HandbookGreek Paradigm Handbook: Reference Guide and Memorization Tool

Regularly $12.95—get it for $8.95 on Pre-Pub

This text serves as a handy reference of classical Greek morphological forms, providing key information quickly and accessibly for efficient learning. With parts of speech compiled in easy-to-read charts and tables, this handbook is a must-have if you’re interested in classical Greek.

Develop your understanding of ancient and classical Greek: pre-order these remarkable resources. Don’t wait—the price goes up once they ship!

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