Logos 5: Create Your Own Series

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

 With the recent release of Logos 5.1, we can now create a series of books that behaves as a whole, not as separate parts.

For example, the Hebrew and Greek texts are, in a sense, only “half Bibles” because they contain only the Old or New Testaments. If we opened a Hebrew Bible and typed John 3:16, we wouldn’t jump there because there’s no John 3:16 in the Hebrew OT.

The new 5.1 Series feature lets you join the Greek and Hebrew texts, forming a whole Bible.

Try this:

  • Open your library.
  • Click Browse (A).
  • Click the Resource Information icon on the library’s toolbar, which opens a pane on the right (B).
  • Type lhb in the library’s Find box, which lists the Lexham Hebrew Bible (C).
  • Click Set series in the information pane on the right (D).
  • Type a name, like Hebrew and Greek Bible.
  • Press Enter to save the name.

  • Type sblgnt in the Find box (E).
  • Select (without clicking the title or image) the Greek New Testament: SBL Edition (F).
  • Click Set series in the information pane (G).
  • Type the same name you previously typed, like Hebrew and Greek Bible.
  • Press Enter to save the name.
  • Click the Greek New Testament: SBL Edition to open this resource.

  • Type Joshua 1:8 in its reference box (H).
  • Press Enter.

  • Notice that the Lexham Hebrew Bible opens to the OT verse and closes the Greek New Testament: SBL Edition (I).
  • Type Romans 8:28 in the reference box (J).
  • Press Enter.

  • Notice that the Greek New Testament: SBL Edition opens to the NT verse and closes the Lexham Hebrew Bible (K).

You just created a whole Bible from two halves!

Try this with individual commentary volumes to form your own master commentary set. But remember: a book can be in only one series.


  1. I tried this with Treasury of David (6 volumes), but the series option does not appear. Any ideas? Also tried it with MacArthur's two volume set on Revelation, same result.

  2. I also tried it with the Catholic Commentary for Genesis and Exodus and Series doesn't show up. I do have those two resources in a "Collection" and maybe that relates to the the comment above that a book can only be one series?

  3. I have years worth of Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly in a collection right now, and I'm not getting the option of putting them into a series. Would I have to "undo" the collection in order to make them a series, and would that likely be a better option?

  4. Captain Beaner says

    Would I be able to also combine a Bible commentary containing several volumes such as the Expositors Bible Commentary? Thanks.

  5. Mabini Dabalos says

    It doesn't work for me.

  6. I was going to create a series as well for volumes belonging to a commentary set, but I found that the series was already created. For example the Ignatius CSB series, the Navarre Bible series, and the CCSS series already existed after I upgraded software today. Volumes in these three commentary series also belong to a collection that was created months ago. So it appears possible for a reference to belong to both a series and a collection (although to only one series). If you don’t have the “Set Series” option, maybe the reference is already part of a series. For the series that were already made, they appeared in the list above Collections about where “Set Series” option would be located. If you have such a line instead of “Set Series”, hover the cursor on the gray question mark to the right and see if it refers to a series. If so, a series may already exist. I’m not an expert, but this is what I observed.

  7. when i followed the instructions it worked for the Bibles stated, it also works for other Greek and Hebrew tests but when I tried to link the Lexham high definition OT and NT there is not the option to set series.

  8. I was hoping I could set a series of just journal articles. The glitch seems to be that they are already a part of a series (the name of the journal), so I would have to rename them all. I am not sure I want to do that.

  9. Using an IMAC and following the directions. This did not appear as shown in the instructions. What I got was a list of resources (A ton of resources) . What did I miss????

  10. Excellent – I did this to combine my OpenText.org and AFAT resources, so that I can do sentence diagramming without having to switch back and forth. Worked like a charm!!

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