Get an Even Better Deal: Lexham Bible Guides and More

Interested in making Logos’ own in-house publications even more affordable?

We’ve moved numerous Logos Bible Software publications from Pre-Pub to Community Pricing, where you and your peers can have a say in the prices of these insightful volumes. Bid what you think is right, and get your community to place their bids, too! Now’s a great time to get on board and set the prices as low as they’ll ever be.

Here are the products we’ve moved:

lexham-bible-guide-luke (1)Lexham Bible Guides

  • Luke: regularly $99.95—suggested bid is currently $50; with more bids, it could go even lower!
  • Ruth: regularly $39.95—suggested bid is $18
  • Jonah: regularly $39.95—suggested bid is $18
  • 1 Peterregularly $39.95—suggested bid is $20

The Lexham Bible Guides are your starting point for study and research. Each guide surveys all the relevant literature on a passage and brings the summary back to you.

As complete introductions to each literary unit in the Bible, these guides will bring new thoroughness to your research.

Lexham Methods Series

Regularly $299.95—suggested bid is $200

The Lexham Methods Series enables pastors to learn, refresh, or master the tools of biblical scholarship—and feel confidently equipped to share the materials with others. This resource will deepen and reinforce seminary and Bible students’ understanding of materials presented in class and enable them to conduct more extensive research. Serious learners will gain the same breadth and depth of knowledge as they would in intensive Bible college courses, without graduate school’s imposing schedule and expense.


The Bible in Seven Acts, with Slides

Regularly $524.65—suggested bid is $350

The Bible in Seven Acts collection is your starting point for study and research on the Bible’s historical periods. The collection surveys all the relevant literature on historical events from the beginning of civilization in the ancient Near East to the destruction of the Second Temple in the first century AD.

The Bible in Seven Acts: Herod to Jesus

Regularly $99.95—suggested bid is $50

The Bible in Seven Acts: Herod to Jesus (Act VI) surveys all the relevant literature on the era from Herod the Great to Jesus’ resurrection (37 BC–AD 30).

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Now’s a great time to check out what our resident scholars are creating. Place your bid and don’t miss out on these great products, made especially with students and pastors in mind.

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