Free Perseus Update: Understand Scriptural Context with Ancient Texts

Two years ago, Logos made nearly 1,500 Perseus Project books available for free. Now we’re pleased to announce an update that makes the Perseus Classics Collection—a library of some of the West’s most influential, enduring works—even more valuable.

A wealth of primary sources

If you’re looking to understand Scripture’s context, the Perseus Classics Collection provides a rich assortment of primary documents from the ancient and classical worlds.

Upon release, the Greek Perseus texts already included lemma and morph tagging. That means they enhance your Bible Word Study reports, which pull not only from the New Testament but also from Perseus’ hundreds of Greek texts, helping you understand Greek words’ context.

Additionally, lexicons that cite classical sources link to the Perseus texts. In the Liddell and Scott Greek–English Lexicon, for example, you can jump from citations of Aristotle or Aeschylus to the Perseus editions themselves, saving you time and providing insight into particular instances of a word’s use.

The update: what you get

This update gives the Perseus texts even more functionality. Of the collection’s 1,114 volumes, all the Latin texts—259 total—received morph tagging. Support for Latin morph tagging just became available in Logos 5.1, and this update lets you explore the exciting new feature.

Additionally, 124 resources received date tagging. Now you can jump from Perseus texts to Logos 5’s Timeline, helping you understand the historical context of dates and events referenced by classical writers. Using Perseus with the Timeline brings greater historical depth to your study.

We even performed metadata cleanup for several resources: now, when you’re searching and sorting, the Perseus texts are even easier to navigate.

In total, we updated over 1,100 texts, demonstrating our commitment to supporting and enhancing our resources even after they’re released. Paired with Logos 5’s new features, the Perseus texts help you understand the context of Scripture and its world.

Get it free!

If you already own Perseus, you’ll receive your update automatically. If you don’t, download your free classical library today! While you’re at it, pre-order Noet’s Classical Greek and Classical Latin bundles, or deepen your library with the comprehensive Classical Foundations Bundle.


  1. Yes – massive. Over 500mb!

  2. Thanks for making a valuable set of resources even more valuable – and all at no charge! That's quite a blessing.

  3. Fr-Paul L. Vasquez says

    I had this in my Logos for awhile, but it hopelessly clogs up the library title list (which when you're using iOS is even more frustrating than on a PC).

  4. I had all these resources hidden, unhiding them one by one (in light of this post) is like pulling teeth. There should be a way to do bulk unhiding….or can Tech Support do it for us from the back end?

  5. Access to these resources makes me feel like Erasmus, notice I said "feel"… Thank you again for thesee wonderful, searchable texts.

  6. Thanks for the update and all of the work that went into its development.

  7. I agree on this: Is it possible to pre-tag the Perseus collection with something that allows them to be sorted to the end of the list? I try to keep a copy of most of my Logos collection on my tablet, but hunting through the list, spammed with Perseus, is a chore, even on a 1920×1200 screen!

  8. The Perseus feature that I would most like is to be able to to select between variations (i.e., Latin, English) of a resource the same way I can use Parallel Resource Sets or Equivalent Resources in Bibles. Flipping between variants can be a bit of a pain right now.