5 Reasons to Pre-order the Greg Laurie Sermon Archive

greg laurieWe just released the Greg Laurie Sermon Archive on Pre-Pub, and you’re going to want to get in on this important collection of sermons by one of America’s most beloved and revered pastors.

Here are five reasons you should pre-order your copy today:

1. You’ll get a contemporary look at timeless truth

Reading a preacher’s sermons is not only a great devotional practice—it’s an insightful look at how Scripture is used to inform and encourage people from different cultures and periods.

A study of Charles Spurgeon’s sermons is going to encourage and convict you; it’s also going to give you a glimpse of how Scripture addressed late-nineteenth-century concerns. With the Greg Laurie Sermon Archive, you’re going to see Scripture applied to contemporary issues and ideas in the way that only Greg Laurie can.

2. You’ll strengthen your studies with powerful content

This collection features nearly 1,200 sermons! All that sermon content will show up in your topic and reference searches, adding significant value to your own sermons and Bible studies.

3. You can access these sermons on multiple devices

As with most Logos books, you can access Laurie’s sermons on your desktop, tablet, and phone, plus online at Biblia.com. This means you’ll always be ready to inspire or challenge yourself with these powerful messages.

4. You’ll get them at the Pre-Pub price

If you pre-order these sermons while they’re on Pre-Pub, you’ll get them at a special reduced price, and you won’t be charged until this resource is completed and ready to ship. This is a compelling reason not to wait—pre-order yours today.

 5. Greg Laurie is excited to equip you

Don’t miss your opportunity to get the Greg Laurie Sermon Archive while it’s on Pre-Pub! Pre-order yours now.


  1. Gary Dearing says

    And only one reason not to…PRICE!

  2. It will be worth the price. Greg is a good teacher of bibical truths. Like

  3. Greg is the real deal, well worth the $$ for his stuff. I wonder where Calvary Chapel would be without him?

  4. Wanted to get the archive but the funds are way out of my reach right now…so will just pray that the Lord bless me as a new minister

  5. Well…….. at least it's $100.00 cheaper than Timothy Keller's Sermon Archive. AND I KNOW……. they're different in teaching style. One is more evangelistic, while the other theological. All I have to say is that, Greg Laurie is a gifted preacher and it'll be well worth the investment.