Prepare for School the Best Way Possible: with Logos 5

Back to School

Logos 5 brings out the best in your theological resources. With smart features like Clause Search, Timeline, and Bible Facts, you’ll get much more out of your Bible study. In fact, some back-to-school resources work particularly well with Logos 5—here are just a few.

Classroom essentials come to life with the Sermon Starter Guide

The Sermon Starter Guide helps you write stronger sermons and research papers in a fraction of the time. Just open it, enter a passage or topic, and see a list of relevant topics and resources. This tool also lists key passages, illustrations, and preaching outlines.

Some of our special back-to-school titles work especially well with this feature. Whenever you research a verse from the Bible, all the commentaries listed below will appear in the “Commentaries” section, and Logos will find the specific information you need.

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Coupled with the Sermon Starter Guide, these titles will not only help you find ideas—they’ll give you the specific resources you need to back up your arguments. Use coupon code BTS2013 to take advantage of these special savings.

Get more out of your studies with Bible Facts

With Bible Facts‘ biblical events data, you can learn who was involved in major events, get geographical information and chronological outlines, and find every verse that references each event.

anchor-yale-bible-dictionaryWant to get even more out of biblical events? Add the six-volume Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary to your library. This 7,200-page dictionary is considered one of the best Bible dictionaries ever created. It features 800 leading international authors and more than 6,000 entries, complete and unabridged with illustrations. Not only does this dictionary boost the results of your Bible Facts searches—it also helps populate the “Definitions” section of the Topic Guide.

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Your personal research assistant: Logos 5

Logos 5 gives you instant information on biblical people, places, and events, and lets you compare the best commentaries side by side with Scripture. It even tracks your sources for you!

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