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Henry Cowles Commentary Series

Regularly $199.95—current bid is only $35

The 16-volume Henry Cowles Commentary Series strives to make the original words of Scripture understandable to today’s church. Cowles aims for sound interpretation, bringing out the truest sense of the passage, while illuminating its historical context, its audience, and the intent of its author. In this way, Cowles’ commentary affirms that the Bible is a practical book, useful for Christians of every time and place.

the-works-of-charles-hodgeThe Works of Charles Hodge

Regularly $299.95—current bid is only $90

This is the most complete collection of Charles Hodge’s writings available in print or electronically! What’s more, the Logos edition makes The Collected Works of Charles Hodge more widely available and easier to access than ever. From the countless Scripture references linked straight to the biblical text, to the powerful search tools in your digital library, the Logos edition lets you encounter Hodge like never before.

modern-studies-on-the-incarnationModern Studies on the Incarnation

Regularly $229.95—current bid is only $50

The Modern Studies on the Incarnation collection presents many of the defining late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century studies on the Incarnation of Christ. Thanks to such notable authors as Charles GoreJ. Armitage Robinson, and Charles Augustus Briggs, Modern Studies on the Incarnation interprets, translates, and contextualizes the Incarnation and its related topics. The collection’s 26 volumes and over 8,000 pages have had an enduring impact on our understanding of the union of divinity with humanity in Jesus Christ.

jean-jacques-rousseau-collectionJean-Jacques Rousseau Collection

Regularly $59.95—current bid is only $12

Jean-Jacques Rousseau stands in the middle of the eighteenth-century shift from the Enlightenment to Romanticism. His The Social Contract and A Discourse upon the Origin and Foundation of the Inequality among Mankind had a major influence on the leaders of the French Revolution. He was a friend of Enlightenment thinkers like Diderot, and a contributor to the great Enlightenment project, Encyclopedie. The Jean-Jacques Rousseau Collection brings together Rousseau’s most important works.

the-apology-of-the-church-of-englandThe Apology of the Church of England

 Regularly $14.95—current bid is only $7

Bishop John Jewel’s The Apology of the Church of England is a comprehensive statement of faith, as well as an important political and historical document of Elizabethan England. It was also intended as a Protestant answer to the Roman Catholic accusations of heresy. Bishop Jewel emphasizes the continuity between the Reformers’ thought and the truth of the Scriptures, the apostles, and Church Fathers such as AugustineTertullianAmbrose, and Jerome.

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