Last Chance: Get Special Deals during Our 500K Celebration!

The Logos forums recently passed both the 100,000-user and the 500,000-comment thresholds. To celebrate, we’ve put some exciting resources on sale for just a few more days!

Save on the following books and collections through September 2:

the-works-of-john-owen (1)The Works of John Owen

Regularly $399.95—only $269.95 with coupon code JOWEN2013 

This collection includes Owen’s massive work on Hebrews. This vast commentary—almost 4,000 pages, and over two million words—reflects Owen’s careful inquiry and mastery of the text, and vindicates Owen’s claim that “this epistle is as useful to the church as the sun is to the world.”

The United Bible Societies’ New Testament Handbook Series

Regularly $399.95—only $249.95 with coupon code UNITEDNT2013 

This 20-volume set of detailed commentaries provides exegetical, historical, cultural, and linguistic information on the original text. The series has been instrumental in helping translators all over the world spread God’s Word.

ben-witherington-iii-collectionBen Witherington III Collection

Regularly $119.95—only $99.95 with coupon code BWITH32013 

This 5 vol. collection examines the Bible, communion, the Reformers, baptism, rhetorical criticism, and more, giving you a deeper understanding of these topics and their implications today. Perfect for scholars, students, pastors, and laypeople, the Logos editions of these theological works are fully searchable and easily accessible.

The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Abridged in One Volume

Regularly $59.95—only $49.95 with coupon code ABRIDGED2013 

The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament is considered by many to be the best New Testament dictionary ever compiled. Its 2,300 entries cover the spectrum of biblical topics from A to Z, and this one-volume abridgment offers most, if not all, of the information that pastors and laypeople need.

pillar-new-testament-commentary-the-gospel-according-to-matthewPillar New Testament Commentary: The Gospel according to Matthew

Regularly $50—only $29.95 with coupon code PILLARNT2013 

This commentary explores Matthew’s meaning and relevance in an eminently straightforward fashion. Now a standard reference work, this mature, evangelically oriented commentary will help students, pastors, and general readers find answers.

Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture

Regularly $20.95—only $17.95 with coupon code EVDAYTHEO2013 

Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture takes key theological concepts from the academy to the street, allowing every reader to understand the terms and use them in daily life. This resource contains an alphabetical listing of 173 theological and cultural terms; each entry includes a definition and an everyday application.

There’s more—get a free $20 gift certificate!

We’re rewarding everyone who helps us get to know them better with a special one-time-use gift certificate for $20!

All you need to do to get your $20 gift certificate1 is complete the Logos user survey2 and fill out your Faithlife profile by September 2. Your entire Faithlife profile, including a profile picture, must be complete. You can omit the Organization, Organization URL, Website, Twitter, and LinkedIn fields if not applicable. After you’ve completed the survey and filled out your profile, you’re done! We’ll check to see who has completed them, and send out gift certificates mid-September via email.

These discounts and the special gift certificate offer expire at midnight, September 2—take advantage of them today!

  1. Your gift certificate will be delivered mid-September via email. The certificate is good for one purchase, and expires October 15, 2013. []
  2. You can stop and start the survey at any time. The survey must be completed for you to be eligible for the certificate. []


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    I’ve filed everything putt yet I still get an email telling me I have to finish.

  2. Jerry Bush says

    I am having the same issue as Kevin and others… I have filled everything out and double-checked it, but I received and email telling me to finish filling it out.

    Logos, please advise.