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Who was Augustus Hopkins Strong?

Strong was among the most notable Baptist theologians of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His theology combined traditional Reformed emphases with Baptist convictions. Renowned for his work in Systematic Theology, Strong influenced generations of believers with his focused historical criticism of the Scriptures. Now, with this 15-volume collection, you have access to this American theologian and professor’s insights, observations, and wisdom.

About his works

Strong’s approach to Scripture was reverent and thoughtful. His most famous work, Systematic Theology (included in this collection), is one of the most respected texts of its kind. It remains a required textbook in seminaries, pays attention to detail despite its vast scope, and continues to be used for personal studies decades after being published. Here are some highlights from this three-volume edition:

“A perfect system of theology is impossible. We do not expect to construct such a system. All science but reflects the present attainment of the human mind. No science is complete or finished.”

“Holiness is the track on which the engine of love must run. The track cannot be the engine. If either includes the other, then it is holiness that includes love, since holiness is the maintenance of God’s perfection, and perfection includes love.”

“Natural law without God behind it is no more than a glove without a hand in it, and all that is done by the gloved hand of God in nature is done by the hand and not by the glove.”

Also included are many other books on key theological topics, such as What Shall I Believe? A Primer of Christian Theology, Philosophy and Religion, Christ in Creation and Ethical Monismand others.

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