Free Book, $20 Gift Certificate, and Special Discounts in the 500K Celebration!

We recently announced that the Logos forums passed both the 100,000-user and the 500,000-comment thresholds. That’s a big deal—those numbers represent the worldwide community that’s sprung up around the importance of Bible study and the value of Logos Bible Software. Since then, we’ve been thinking of a unique way to celebrate.

How about a free book?

For the next five days, you can get the Understanding the Bible Commentary: Mark absolutely free! Just use coupon code 500K through the end of the day Tuesday, August 20, and you’ll get this respected commentary without spending a cent.

The Understanding the Bible Commentary: Mark transports modern readers back to the days of Mark’s original audience and helps us understand and apply his unique writings. Normally this commentary would cost you $14.95, but with coupon code 500K you can get it free today!

Let’s add some special deals!

Yes, a free commentary helps show our appreciation, but it just doesn’t seem like enough. So we’re discounting the following books and collections through September 2:

The Works of John Owen (24 vols.)
Reg: $399.95   $269.95 with coupon code JOWEN2013 

The United Bible Societies’ New Testament Handbook Series (20 vols.)
Reg: $399.95   $249.95 with coupon code UNITEDNT2013

Ben Witherington III Collection (5 vols.)
Reg: $119.95   $99.95 with coupon code BWITH32013 

The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Abridged in One Volume

Reg: $59.95   $49.95 with coupon code ABRIDGED2013 

Pillar New Testament Commentary: The Gospel according to Matthew
Reg: $50   $29.95 with coupon code PILLARNT2013 

Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture
Reg: $20.95    $17.95 with coupon code EVDAYTHEO2013 

Free $20 gift certificate

You’re getting big discounts and an awesome free book—but there’s even more. We’re rewarding everyone who helps us get to know them better with a special one-time-use gift certificate for $20.

All you need to do to get your $20 gift certificate1 is complete the Logos user survey2 and fill out your Faithlife profile. Your entire Faithlife profile, including a profile picture, must be complete. You can omit the Organization, Organization URL, Website, Twitter, and LinkedIn fields if not applicable by September 2. After you’ve completed the survey and filled out your profile, you’re done! We’ll check to see who has completed them, and send out gift certificates mid-September via email

These are limited-time offers!

The Understanding the Bible Commentary: Mark is free only through the end of day on August 20. Use coupon code 500K now to get yours.

The remaining discounts and the special gift certificate offer expire at midnight, September 2—take advantage of them today!


  1. Your gift certificate will be delivered mid-September via email. Certificate is good for one purchase, and expires October 15, 2013. []
  2. You can stop and start the survey at any time. The survey must be completed for you to be eligible for the certificate. []


  1. Bruce Felder says

    I filled out your questionnaire and filled out my profile on Faithlife. I am looking forward to the gift certificate that I hope to apply to some form of an upgrade to Logos 5. Thanks.

  2. So I completed the survey and have a completed FL profile. Not sure how to get the certificate. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

    • Tayler Beede says

      Hi Chad,

      Thanks for participating! Your gift certificate will be delivered via email mid-September.

  3. I filled out my survey, also. How do we get our credit/gift certificate?! Thanks!

  4. Footnote 2 above: Your gift certificate will be delivered mid-September via email. Certificate is good for one purchase, and expires October 15, 2013

  5. Thanks for the free Mark Commentary Logos. Sadly I cannot figure out how to get my Faithlife profile completed…its stuck at 70% but I am still smiling today….God be praised.

  6. Rick Arnold says

    Thanks for the gift certificate

  7. Got it done! Thanks for the certificate! ( when I receive it in September).
    And the commentary.
    I hope the survey improves Logos.

  8. Dennis Gee says

    Thank you keep up the good work we need to teach more and more. Too many “chrisitains” just go to church.

  9. Patrick J Flanagan says

    Logos research systems is a God-send for people wanting to study the scriptures seriously without the difficulties that go with having your living space taken up with books, books, books, and a table large enough to have all the books in a particular study, together with Bible versions opened up before you.
    It is a special gift to College libraries, where a huge range of resources become immediately open to students and usable.

  10. Danford Mwaba says

    Thank you for considering me as a beneficiary of the free commentary and 20 dollar certificate.This has come as a surprise.Let me just invoke God’s blessings on your organization.May He replenish your resources.

  11. I’ve filled all required information and hope to get a certificate. I’m going to purchase a bible with it.

  12. I got fed up with it and deleted everything – I hope. It wants to know too much and seems to want to include me in things which don’t interest me. Far too intrusive!

  13. Jeffrey Kranz says

    Hey, everyone! Thanks for participating in the survey and profile promotions. We’re aware that some folks are having trouble adding profile pictures to Faithlife, and we’re on it.

    Thanks again, and sorry for the hang-ups!

  14. Jonathan St.Clair says

    This is so awesome. Great deal! Thank you for sharing!

  15. I completed the survey, and my FL profile. How do you know that those tasks are completed? Just wanted to make sure I don’t miss out on the gift certificate…!


  16. Cheryl Gay says

    Thanks Logos – I love Logos and also all your special offers please keep them coming!

  17. I am challenge more to reflect deeper on God’s word and launching to reach out for needy souls in our part of the world. Thanks for your emails portraying your ministries around the world. God bless your efforts in reaching out to the lost world.