Upgrading to Logos 5—More Affordable Than You Think


If you’ve been holding out for a big sale to upgrade, the time has come. Upgrading to Logos 5 (or a larger base package) has never been more affordable than it is right now. Prices won’t get lower than this, and we can help you get the resources you need and keep your budget happy at the same time.

The best upgrade discounts

Whether you’re upgrading from Logos 4 or moving to a higher Logos 5 base package, this upgrade sale offers the best prices on Logos 5 that you’ll ever see. Hurry, though—these discounts won’t be around for long.

This is your chance to get Logos 5’s smart features:

And then there’s Portfolio: it’s our most extensive base package, with over 2,500 resources and every Logos 5 feature.

It’s easy to move up to Logos 5

Here’s why:

Dynamic Pricing—You’ll never pay for the same books twice. We adjust the price of future purchases to reflect the resources you already own. Sign in to use the Custom Upgrade Discount Calculator and see your discounts. If you have any questions, just call us at 800-875-6467.

Payment Plans—Get the upgrade you really want, break down the bill into bite-size chunks, and start using your new library today. You’ll never pay interest with a Logos payment plan—just a $5 administrative fee per payment.

Upgrade today—with limited-time discounts, Dynamic Pricing, and payment plans, you’ll be getting the very best deal.