Take 50% off Topical Bundles When You Upgrade to Logos 5

Right now, with upgrade discounts, you can save big when you upgrade to Logos 5. And to sweeten the deal, you can also get 50% off topical bundles when you upgrade!

A base package upgrade gives you access to all kinds of new resources and features; topical bundles, designed as base package supplements, allow you to tailor your library to the subjects that interest you most. You can study your discipline-specific bundles with Logos 5’s smart features—Clause Search, Topic Guide, and more.

Here are some of our most popular bundles:


New Testament Studies Bundle

Regularly $859.90—only $429.95 with your Logos 5 upgrade

This 45-resource supplement offers everything you need for in-depth research on the New Testament. You’ll study depictions of Christ in the media, gender roles in the writings of Luke and John, the relationship between community and ethics, the latest research in historical-Jesus studies, and much more.

pauline-studies-bundle-xlPauline Studies Bundle

Regularly $659.90—only $329.95 with your Logos 5 upgrade

This bundle gives you several volumes that look closely at specific passages and interpretive issues in Paul’s letters, as well a broader overview in Paul and His Letters by John B. Polhill. Other volumes address Acts’ accuracy, the relationship between Peter and Paul, and topics related to the New Perspective, justification, and atonement.

greek-bundle-xlGreek Bundle

Regularly $599.90—only $299.95 with your Logos 5 upgrade

The Greek bundle includes Friberg’s Analytical Lexicon of the Greek New Testament and Analytical Greek New Testament, as well as Georg Curtius’ Grammar of the Greek Language and The Greek Verb: Its Structure and Development. You’ll get 37 resources for better Greek study.

old-testament-studies-bundle-lOld Testament Studies Bundle

Regularly $159.90—only $79.95 with your Logos 5 upgrade

This base package supplement takes you deep into scholarly debates regarding the Old Testament’s text and meaning, with Christopher D. Stanley’s The Hebrew Bible: A Comparative Approach, Brevards S. Childs’ Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture, and Julius Wellhausen’s Prolegomena to the History of Israel, one of the most controversial and influential books on the Torah.

These are just a few of your bundle options. We offer 19 topical bundles, as well as the Master Bundle, which includes all the bundles at an even better price.

This deal is only available when you purchase or upgrade to a new base package—unless you upgrade to Portfolio, in which case you can come back anytime* for 50% off bundles.

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*Discounts subject to change with adjustments to rights and royalties.