Pastors: How Big Should Your Book Budget Be?

librarybudgetShould your church provide you with a book budget? Do you need to make a case for one? Is it time to start thinking about increasing the budget for your growing library? Do you have any idea what’s an appropriate budget for your church size? These are the kinds of questions you can consider at

Most church leaders will tell you that a comprehensive library is important for any pastor looking to lead a thoughtful and educated congregation. The ideal book collection includes reference materials, classic Christian thought, and analysis of current cultural trends—like other professionals, pastors need to be lifelong learners plugged into both classical and contemporary thought.

At The Pastor’s Library, you’ll find answers to questions like:

  • How can I get a book budget from my church?
  • What books/resources do I really need?
  • What are some of the key advantages of having a book budget?

You’ll also find budgeting resources and the amazing Book Budget-O-Meter. Just put in your congregation’s size and click the “Generate” button to see your suggested monthly budget.

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