Logos 5: Features You’ll Love

Right now, you can get big savings on a base package upgrade. If you’re still on the fence about upgrading, check out these four ways Logos 5 will enhance your Bible study.

1. Bible Sense Lexicon allows you to understand the meaning behind biblical words. You can examine Greek and Hebrew nuance and distinguish the unique meanings of original-language words.

2. Exegetical Guide helps you explore the Bible’s original languages with usage stats and graphs. You’ll see how words are being used to communicate different ideas: does “right hand” mean a literal hand, or “second in command?”

3. Sermon Starter is the tool you want when you’re brainstorming new sermon ideas. You’ll find the right illustrations and quotes, fast, and you can even browse hundreds of sermon outlines.

4. Timeline allows you to see events from biblical and church history in their historical context. You can jump right from those events to Bible Fact profiles.

Want more reasons to upgrade? We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you’ll want to upgrade today. Head to Logos.com/WhyLogos5 to see them all, or upgrade now!