Introducing Logos Book Cache


The Logos Book Cache program charges your credit card a fixed amount each month to purchase credit on your account. Select the amount of credit you wish to purchase; once a month, your card will be charged automatically and the credit placed in your account. Your credit may be used on any purchase at, including Pre-Pubs and Community Pricing titles. If you wish to change the amount of credit you’re purchasing, or discontinue the service, you may cancel at any time.

Why use Book Cache?

1. Massive Pre-Pub discounts, generous payment terms—together at last!

Pre-Pubs are designed to give you the biggest discounts possible in exchange for full payment on the day each title ships. Unfortunately, when you can’t afford such a big charge all at once, you’re left with unattractive options. You can either put the full amount on a credit card and deal with the fallout, or pay a lot more at the higher price once it ships, just so you can get it on a payment plan.

With Book Cache you can begin purchasing credit for your account now, so you’ll be ready when that irresistible Pre-Pub comes around. You get the best of all worlds: credit that never expires, the massive Pre-Pub discount, an automatic monthly charge, and no payment-plan fees!

2. Book budget management

Due to pastoral, church, and ministry vocations, many Logos customers have monthly book budgets, but have a hard time managing them well. They’re careful to only use their budgets on the must-have titles, but it’s difficult for them to know when each Pre-Pub will ship, or when the title they “must have” will finally be posted.

Without all the details, it’s hard to budget, and when faced with uncertainty, all too often they “use it or lose it” on something else, only to be disappointed when the Logos edition arrives and their budget is already spent.

Book Cache solves this problem. By automatically purchasing credit with your monthly book budget, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to not only satisfy your monthly budgeting needs, but also get the titles you need no matter when they ship.

3. Monthly budget management

Like payment plans, Book Cache helps you break up those big purchases into manageable bite-sized chunks. Unlike with payment plans, since you’re paying for credit in advance, you don’t have to worry about any payment-plan fees. It’s the best of both worlds.

4. Accountability for your book habit

Bookaholics anonymous, you know who you are. Book Cache is a great tool for you to get a handle on your spending and stick to your plan. Determine your annual Logos book budget, set up the monthly charge that meets your budget goals, and your Book Cache will be there when you need it.

* * *

You’ll receive special gifts when you subscribe to $60 or more in Book Cache before August 31. Enroll in the Book Cache program and start accumulating Logos credit now!