Introducing Logos 5.1

Logos 5In the first major release since Logos 5, we’re proud to announce several new features and performance improvements for your Logos Bible Software. Here’s a rundown:

Read aloud

Logos 5 now reads aloud in a smooth, professional voice. We have plans to enable many resources with the read-along feature, but we’re starting with our own modern Bible translation, the Lexham English Bible.

Topic layout

Now, when you search for a topic like “baptism” or “marriage,” you’ll launch the all-new topic-search layout, which makes it easier to find what you’re searching for.

Personal Books

Use the powerful Logos search on all your own notes and liturgy with Personal Books, which now supports two new formats: harmony and lectionary. You can find the Personal Books tool and start building your own resources through the Tools menu.

Performance improvements & bug fixes

Logos 5 performs better than any previous version, even with powerful features like Search Suggestions, and it’s proven to be very robust. But we’ve found some ways to make it even faster and more stable.

The best part

The best news of all: if you own Logos 5, this update is completely free. Just type the word “update” in your desktop software’s command box—you’ll download and install the latest version.

If you still haven’t tried Logos 5, you’re missing out on Timeline, Clause Search, and many more powerful features. Upgrade to Logos 5 today.


  1. Bruce Fraser says

    I’m currently running Logos 4 on this laptop. I’ve bought Logos 5, and have installed it on my desktop computer. Do I need to install version 5 on the laptop, or will it automatically update for me?
    (Hint: so far it hasn’t, and Logos 5 came out months ago. Just wondering why it’s designed that way. This laptop is running Windows 7, by the way.)

    • Dennis Bean says

      You will have to install Logos 5 on your laptop. It will make updates but it will not automatically install a new version.

  2. Hi Logos, I’m sorry I don’t get it, I’ve got Logos v5 but can’t work out how I get this free update. Sorry if this seems a dumb Q, but can you give me a little more specific detail. Matt.