Don’t Miss These New T&T Clark Collections!

We recently placed over 30 T&T Clark collections on Pre-Pub, and many of them are about to cover production costs. This comes as no surprise, since they represent some of today’s most respected scholarship. With a wide range of topics—Bible backgrounds, pastoral theology, marriage in the Bible, and more—there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss out! Pre-order these collections while you still can.

tt-clark-pauline-studies-collectionPauline Studies Collection (28 vols.)

Regularly $449.95—only $349.95 on Pre-Pub

These works represent some of the most up-to-date, in-depth, and authoritative research in Pauline studies, and cover some of the field’s most hotly debated topics. Several volumes bring to light new research and proposals on Paul in the context of Second Temple Judaism and the Greco-Roman world.

tt-clark-johannine-studiesJohannine Studies (10 vols.)

Regularly $209.95—only $159.95 on Pre-Pub

The T&T Clark Johannine Studies Collection represents some of the most modern linguistic and exegetical research on the Johannine literature. These volumes offer deep analysis of important passages, theological interpretation of significant texts and themes, and a window into the New Testament’s world.


Bible Backgrounds Collection (9 vols.)

Regularly $189.95—only $139.95 on Pre-Pub

The T&T Clark Bible Backgrounds Collection is an invaluable help for placing the biblical world within the context of surrounding cultures, governments, economies, and physical climates. You’ll learn about the complex history of human sacrifice, the political climate of Israel through the years, the evolution of societal pillars like marriage, and the religious context of biblical figures.

tt-clark-karl-barth-collectionKarl Barth Collection (9 vols.)

Regularly $179.95—only $139.95 on Pre-Pub

These new volumes offer the latest scholarship on Karl Barth, a massively important figure in Christian theology and biblical studies whose work continues to influence the church and the academy today. The Church Dogmatics, which took over 30 years to write, is regarded as one of the most important theological works of all time, and it represents the pinnacle of Barth’s achievements as a theologian.

tt-clark-studies-in-apocryphal-and-pseudepigraphal-writingsStudies in Apocryphal and Pseudepigraphal Writings (7 vols.)

Regularly 139.95—only $119.95 on Pre-Pub

This collection presents current research from world-renowned scholars on apocryphal and pseudepigraphal texts and their relevance for the study of Second Temple Judaism, the New Testament, and early Christianity. Several volumes present the original-language texts, as well as translations for primary-source research, and others offer in-depth analyses of their contents and relation to first-century Judaism and Christianity.

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