Celebrating 100,000 Forum Members and 500,000 Posts

Celebrating 500,000 PostsThe Logos forums have reached two important milestones—500,000 posts and 100,000 users. To celebrate, we’re planning something big and exclusive. If you’re not in the forums yet, now’s when you’ll want to join!

Here are four more reasons to get involved:

1. You’ll get answers fast—There are more than 500,000 posts archived in the forums; you’re likely to find that someone else has already asked your question, so you’ll get your answer right away. If not, the forum community (which includes several Logos employees) is large, friendly, and very helpful.

2. You’ll build relationships—Bible scholars worldwide enjoy Logos’ power and convenience. You can meet many of them at Community.Logos.com, learn from them, and grow together.

3. You can suggest products—Have a specific resource you’d like to see in the Logos library? The Suggestions forum is the place to make it known.

4. You’ll be the first to know—All the latest initiatives, like Noet and Mobile Education, have their own forums. When you’re involved, you’ll get the latest news.

If you’re new to the forums, just sign in at Community.Logos.com using your Logos credentials. I started a thread called “What’s your favorite resource, and how do you use it?“; if you’ve never used the forums before, this would be great place to start.

Be on the lookout for our 500,000-post celebration, coming sometime in August!


  1. I like to congratulate you for having 100,000 users on forum. However, I feel very sad that in the recent months I am have difficulty often in posting on NEW Posts in the forum … I get server not available kind of messages. Today over the last 10 hours I have been trying to post a Bug on Logos 5.1 SR2 have not been successful despite trying well over 10 times both on Mac and iPad, and wasting a lot of time.

    I also discovered unresolved items I posted and have been tracking, suddenly, go missing from forum.

    I suppose it is a good thing; part and parcel of growing pain … certainly hope to see forum system to become more stable as your grow the user base. thanks.