Share Sermon Notes and Collaborate Seamlessly in Logos 5

Powerful and elegant, the Notes tool comes with every version of Logos Bible Software. You can write as much as you like, and then connect your notes to a reference or passage. And with our new Publish and Collaborate features, Logos notes are more powerful than ever.

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Store in the cloud

Your notes are stored safely in the cloud, so they’re available on all your devices, in all your translations, all the time. That means that if you make a note on your phone in the Faithlife app in the LEB, it’ll be available later in Logos 5 when you’re studying in the NASB. And you can manage all your notes in one place at

Your Faithlife reading plans and prayer lists appear here as well, and everything is fully searchable.

Publish and collaborate

The Faithlife community presents a unique opportunity to share insights from your personal study and learn alongside others. At, you can choose to share any of your notes, prayer lists, or reading plans with a Faithlife group—after all, we learn best when we learn together.

Organize into documents

You can organize notes into documents to keep better track of all your thoughts. I’ve organized my notes by book of the Bible. You might choose to organize your notes another way—perhaps by subject (notes about forgiveness) or venue (notes from church).


Export and print

Using Logos 5, you can quickly export or print an entire document full of notes. This is especially helpful if you’re preparing to preach or teach. Make notes in your app as you grab a few minutes to read throughout the week; when you sit down for more focused study, your notes are all together. You could conceivably write your own commentary using Logos’ Notes feature. If you do that, call us. We want to hear about it.

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  1. This is such a cool feature, I use it everyday. I didn’t know about its great to know its all available in the cloud.