Save Time on Sermon Prep with Proclaim


Many pastors spend more than half their work week on Sunday sermon preparation, and sometimes that takes away from other important pastoral responsibilities. Saving time on sermon prep can be extremely beneficial.

Here’s how you can save a tremendous amount of time with Proclaim:

Store securely

You invest hours in every message. If you work in a traditional word processor or presentation software, it’s only a matter of time until a lightning storm or hard-drive crash wipes out all your work. Proclaim and Logos 5 eliminate this problem with cloud-based storage. Simply put, the notes you make in Logos 5 and the presentations you build in Proclaim are automatically backed up on our servers. That means that if your computer dies or you switch computers in the middle of preparation (for example, from an office desktop to a notebook at a coffee shop), all your work comes with you.

Collaborate in the cloud

Another benefit of the cloud: it’s easy to work with a team. Delegating responsibilities to others lightens your own load and gives others a sense of ownership. To make collaboration seamless, we removed all restrictions on the number of computers on which you can install Proclaim. Involve others in your sermon preparation, and benefit from their unique perspective and creativity.

Connect with tools you already use

Logos 5 streamlines the Bible study aspects of sermon prep, eliminating time-consuming actions like searching through your print library, scanning indexes, and retyping quotations. Proclaim introduces the same time-saving benefits to the rest of the process. Run Proclaim in the background as you do your sermon prep: a simple right-click in Logos 5 reveals an option to send quotes, pictures, and more straight into your presentation. Other popular ministry tools—CCLI SongSelect, Planning Center Online, Bible & Journal AppGraceway Media—also connect directly.

You can download Proclaim free and try it out, no strings attached. It’s a powerful tool that will save you time in sermon preparation, and you’re invited to take it for a spin before you make it yours. When you decide to start saving time on sermon prep, we have a great introductory rate designed to scale with you as your church grows. Get started with Proclaim for as little as $10/month.