Logos 5: Passage List of Red-Letter Verses

Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials.

Recently a Logos user asked:

Moe, is it possible to print just the red-letter verses (words of Christ) from a Bible?

I didn’t have an immediate answer, so I told him I’d have to get back to him. After a bit of thought, I discovered at least one possibility that I’d like to pass along to you:

  • From the ESV New Testament, I compiled a Passage List of all the verses containing red-letter text.
  • I exported that Passage List as a text file. You can use it to create your own Passage List:

Click here to download the file

  • Choose Documents | Passage List (if you’re using Logos 4, choose File | Passage List).
  • Name the file something like Red-Letter Verses in the ESV NT (A).
  • Click Add (B).
  • Select … a file (C).

  • Navigate to the text file you just downloaded (D).
  • Click Open (E).

  • Notice that all the verses have been added to your Passage List (F).

  • Choose the panel menu on the Passage List (G).
  • Select Print/Export (H).
  • Print the list!

Once you have this Passage List, you can do other things with it:

  • Save it as a Word document.
  • Build a Personal Book from the Word document.
  • Email the Word document to a friend.
  • Search it.

If you found this tip helpful, you’ll really benefit from a Camp Logos seminar or the Camp Logos DVD training, now on Pre-Pub.


  1. You can also create a “red letter” visual filter by doing a Basic Search for Words of Christ under search fields.

    • Use * in the visual search filter to create the “Red Letter” visual filter.
      You can use the * wildcard in a search to create a passage list or visual filter or a printable PDF or similar format. Just Select Bible Search Words of Christ in the Search Field in Matthew-Revelation in your favorite Bible version (or versions) and search with the * wildcard. Wildcards also work directly in creating a passage list.