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the-works-of-charles-hodgeThe Works of Charles Hodge (29 vols.)

Regularly $299.95—current bid is only $90

Charles Hodge counts as one of the most influential theologians of the nineteenth century and one of Calvinism’s most dedicated defenders in America. This is the most complete collection of Charles Hodge’s writings available in print or electronically. The Works of Charles Hodge brings together Hodge’s extensive body of work—almost 14,000 pages, including articles, essays, tracts, book reviews, and more.

Austen Henry Layard Collection (10 vols.)

Regularly $209.95—current bid is only $70

Austen Henry Layard’s groundbreaking work uncovered sites in Babylon and Assyria, greatly increasing our knowledge of Mesopotamian civilizations through the recovery of cuneiform tablets detailing culture and history. Layard’s extraordinary contributions to biblical archaeology changed the face of biblical research and scholarship.

the-sermons-of-hugh-latimerThe Sermons of Hugh Latimer (2 vols.)

Regularly $44.95-–current bid is only $8

The Sermons of Hugh Latimer collection is an essential resource for anyone interested in the English Reformation. Hugh Latimer was one of the three bishops known as the Oxford Martyrs, along with Thomas Cranmer and Nicholas Ridley. Though a former Roman Catholic bishop, Latimer was convinced of the need for reformation. This collection contains his sermons, letters, and doctrinal documents.

Studia Biblica (5 vols.)

Regularly $39.95—current bid is only $20

This diverse compilation of 18 years of collective study (1885–1903) explores a breadth of historical and theological topics, ranging from the authorship of the Psalms to Paul’s argument of election and adoption. Designed to stretch and challenge university students in their theological studies, this collection offers valuable scholarly research.

the-land-and-the-bookThe Land and the Book (3 vols.)

Regularly $39.95—current bid is only $18

The Land and the Book is the result of over 40 years of missionary work in the Bible lands by William M. Thomson. The works aims to present the Holy Land’s scenes and scenery, as well as the manners and customs of the area’s present inhabitants.

Samuel Zane Batten Collection (7 vols.)

Regularly $69.95—current bid is only $30

The Samuel Zane Batten Collection contains seven volumes by this Baptist minister and proponent of social change. Batten argued that Christianity should move beyond a focus on individual salvation to one on redeeming humanity as whole. In The New CitizenshipThe Social Task of Christianity, and The Christian State, Batten analyzes social issues and presents plans for building a society that reflects God’s will.

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