3 Ways to Learn from Charles Spurgeon

Charles SpurgeonCharles Spurgeon’s impact was enormous. You’ll come across his name in Bible study guides, seminary-required curricula, and many of your resources in Logos.

“With whom among men can you compare [Spurgeon]? He combined the preaching power of Jonathan Edwards and Whitefield with the organizing power of Wesley, and the energy, fire, and courage of Luther.” —B. H. Carroll

On June 19, 1834, Spurgeon was born in Kelvedon, UK. At 15, he accepted Christ and joined a Baptist church. In fact, most people would describe his theology as Calvinist; Spurgeon, though, said that “if I am asked what is my creed, I reply, ‘It is Jesus Christ.’”

In honor of Spurgeon’s birthday, we’re highlighting a few resources for those looking to learn from his years of study:

charles-spurgeon-collection1. Charles Spurgeon Collection

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Through June 22, save $100 on the Charles Spurgeon Collection (149 vols.), an invaluable tool for both sermon preparation and personal understanding. The Charles Spurgeon Collection offers over 3,550 sermons, as well as many of Spurgeon’s commentaries and lectures, his autobiography, The Sword and the Trowel, and much more. This is a collection you don’t want to miss—get it today and save $100!

Spurgeon on Galatians2. Spurgeon Commentary: Galatians

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Spurgeon’s writings on the Bible fill dozens of volumes; his thoughts on particular passages are scattered across numerous books and sermons. We’ve combed through all his works, collected his thoughts on Galatians, and compiled them into one commentary.


3. The Saint and His Savior

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Throughout June, we’re featuring Spurgeon’s The Saint and His Savior as the Free Book of the Month! Over 20 thousand have downloaded this book already. If you want to learn from the Prince of Preachers, get the book free today.

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