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the-new-international-commentary-on-the-old-and-new-testamentThis month only, you can use coupon code NICOTNT to save $400 on the New International Commentary on the Old and New Testament!

The NICOT/NICNT is one of the most respected commentary sets in the world. Many of its volumes have become classics in their own right:

  • F. F. Bruce’s commentary on Acts
  • Douglas Moo’s commentary on Romans
  • Gordon Fee’s commentary on 1 Corinthians
  • Bruce K. Waltke’s commentary on Proverbs
  • Leon Morris’ commentary on John
  • And more

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In Logos, the NICOT/NICNT is even better

Logos sets you up to make the most of the NICOT/NICNT’s vast scholarship. You’ll search nearly 24,000 pages of authoritative text. You’ll link from English, Greek, and Hebrew words to lexicons. You’ll take your library with you wherever you go.

“The NIC is an amazing scholarly, protestant, evangelical commentary series. It gives verse-by-verse commentary on almost every book of the Bible, including immensely helpful introductory information. The only thing better than the commentary series itself is being able to have the entire thing with you, on your laptop, wherever you go. The NIC for Logos is a great resource . . .” — review

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