Now on Pre-Pub: Spurgeon on Galatians

Spurgeon Commentary GalatiansThe words of Charles Spurgeon, the great nineteenth-century Baptist preacher, fill more than 100 volumes. He preached and wrote a phenomenal amount about the Bible, but only wrote commentaries on Psalms and Matthew. His content spans across all other biblical books, but it isn’t easy to find or use.

That’s why we’ve decided to create the Spurgeon Commentary: Galatians. When we created this resource, we had a few goals in mind:

  • Organize Spurgeon’s work into commentary format, curated and made accessible by verse and chapter
  • Tag content—such as illustrations—to make it easier to find in the Logos platform
  • Update Spurgeon’s language for readability
  • Highlight the content that’s most applicable to a modern audience

If you already own Spurgeon content in your Logos library, you may be wondering why you couldn’t just perform a search in Logos to find what you’re looking for. Of course, a search could turn up some of the same content, but this hand-edited resource provides content that a search would not. For example, the Spurgeon Commentary: Galatians picks up on allusions in Spurgeon’s writing, whereas a search for a particular verse range would find only explicit citations.

This resource also labels whether Spurgeon is writing for an expository, illustrative, or applicable purpose, so that if you’re looking for a particular kind of content, you can find it more easily. It draws together Spurgeon’s substantive comments on a verse and includes links to the source in his writings, so you can get to the original context. This format also works seamlessly with your other commentaries—it’s tagged with the same data types.

There has been so much interest in this resource that it’s already under development—but you still have the chance to get it at the Pre-Pub price.

Pre-order the Spurgeon Commentary: Galatians today!