Help Us Make Logos 5 Globally Accessible


We would love to make Logos available in every language, but we don’t have the in-house language skills to support more than the Spanish versions we currently offer.

If you’re a bilingual Logos user, we’d like your help in translating our software to your native language.

The plan

Our commitment to you is this: if you and other volunteers translate at least 90% of the software, we’ll publish it. You’ll be able to switch between languages in the program settings. Work on more than 20 languages is already underway; the first ones are German, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Korean, and French.

In addition, we’d like to do complete localization for a handful of languages: translating not only the software itself, but also everything that accompanies it—help files, datasets, web content, and service emails. (Hiring bilingual customer-support staff, too.)

If you’d like to read more about this project, see what Bob Pritchett, our CEO, said in the forums.

What you can do

Translators—we need lots and lots of translators. You don’t have to be a professional translator or programmer. You just need to be willing to invest a little time to translate the software you love into your native language. We’ve partnered with to keep everything organized on this huge endeavor. If you’d like to translate, visit Crowdin, create an account, and get started.

Editors & localization managers—we’re in search of a few people who are willing to go above and beyond. For each language, we need several people with exceptional language skills to act as editors, double-checking and approving translations. We also need one highly committed translation manager (per language) who can treat this project like a job in exchange for credit. If you’d like to help in a bigger way, email Bob directly. Be sure to mention which language(s) you’d like to be involved with, and we’ll get you added to the right list.

Help us make Logos accessible around the world—start translating Logos 5.


  1. This is great news!! I hope there will be efforts done in MODERN Greek. :-)