Help Push These Pre-Pubs into Production!

Because we’re excited about every new title we ship, we can’t wait to get stuff out of Pre-Pub and into development. Here are five products that need just a little push to get them over the line:

Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament, 28th Edition, with Critical Apparatus

The Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece is the basis for nearly every modern Bible translation. Used by scholars, pastors, students, and translators, it’s the standard and globally preeminent critical edition of the Greek New Testament.

Paul and Pauline Theology Collection (15 vols.)

The Paul and Pauline Theology Collection includes contributions from top New Testament scholars, including Krister Stendahl, Christiaan Beker, E. P. Sanders, Terence L. Donaldson, and others. Citing ancient and modern sources and using the latest scholarly methods, this collection allows you to view Paul in fresh light.

Engaging and Exegeting Culture Series (13 vols.)

This collection brings theological and spiritual reflections to cultural disciplines and expressions, including film, visual art, pop culture, leadership, theater, and the environment. It challenges you to seek God’s presence in contemporary culture and engage culture from a biblical worldview.

Aquinas’ Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah: English and Latin (2 vols.)

This set includes the first and only English translation of Aquinas’ Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah. Aquinas’ scriptural works have taken on renewed importance in postmodern thought. With linking of Bible references, indexing by Bible verse, and integration into your Passage Guide, the Logos edition of the Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah: English and Latin (2 vols.) is powerful and easy to use.

The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary

The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary helps you read the Bible with increased understanding and confidence, offering easy access to articles on people, places, things, and events in Scripture, even if they appear in only a single verse. It’s comprehensive, with extensive cross-referencing to related articles, and it provides a ready reference for up-to-date scholarship on biblical studies, archaeology, geography, history, and theology.

If you’ve considered investing in any of these Pre-Pubs, now’s the time. Bid now and help us get these into production!


  1. Michael Leavitt says

    What happened to Classic Studies on Eschatology, it went into PrePub on June 6 and was expected to take about 6-8 weeks? Can you supply an update as to when we can expect it?

    Thank you,