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Thomas Manton

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Who was Thomas Manton?

Thomas Manton was an important Puritan preacher and a contemporary of John Owen’s and Richard Baxter’s. He preached hundreds of sermons on Romans 8, Psalm 119, Ephesians 1, Hebrews 6, 1 John, the prayer of Jesus in John 17, and nearly every other book of the Bible—often devoting multiple sermons to a single verse of Scripture.

Both J. C. Ryle and Charles Spurgeon regarded Manton as influential in their own preaching.

Five reflections from Thomas Manton on Romans 8

  1. “Our subjection to God, as our sovereign, is built on our total and absolute dependence upon him, both for our creation and preservation; for we could neither make ourselves, nor preserve ourselves; and therefore we are subject to the will of another, whose we are, and whom we should serve.”
  2. “Christ came not to dissolve our obligation to God, but to promote it. . . . He came to restore us to obedience, to bring us back again in heart and life to God.”
  3.  “The design of the gospel is the revelation of God’s love to us, and the recovery of our love to God; therefore the work of the Spirit is to reveal the love and mercy of God to sinners, or the way of reconciliation to God by Christ.”
  4. “As hope is bred by faith, so is patience bred by hope. . . . The great work of hope is to provide us patience to endure the hardships.”
  5. “The whole business of our salvation, and all the conditions of it, are in God’s hand. . . . Man having power in his own hands, lost it quickly, therefore now his whole salvation is in God’s hands: both end and way and means.”

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