Get 25% Off the Post-Reformation Catholic Thought and Piety Collection (27 vols.)

post-reformation-catholic-thought-and-pietyWhat does it mean to pray? How is it that we enter God’s presence through devotion and meditation? What is the meaning of suffering? These are the kinds of questions asked by many of the sixteenth century’s great Christian mystics, scholars, and saints.

While polemical wars were waged between the Catholic Church and Protestant Reformers, many thinkers continued to focus on the internal battle waged within our own souls. This focus on interiority produced some of the greatest mystical, poetic, and devotional literature ever written. Now it’s compiled in the enormous Post-Reformation Catholic Thought and Piety Collection.

The sixteenth century was a time of incredible theological and spiritual development. Not only were substantial amounts of Protestant literature being produced; counter-reformers, poets, and mystics were also writing works that add essential context to the debates happening in and around the Protestant Reformation. Many such works are famous throughout all of Christendom, such as John of the Cross’ The Dark Night of the Soul or Teresa of Avila’s The Way of Perfection—but it’s often forgotten that these very devotional works were written during the heat of the sixteenth century’s doctrinal disputes.

The Post-Reformation Catholic Thought and Piety Collection compiles more than just the mystical works written during the sixteenth century: resources like A Commentary on the Book of Psalms by St. Robert Bellarmine and The Great Means of Salvation and Of Perfection by St. Alphonsus Liguori shed light onto the Catholic understanding of Scripture and prayer. Spanning the early sixteenth century to the mid–nineteenth century, this collection allows you to get more insight into not only how the conversation between Catholicism and Protestantism began, but also how it developed over the centuries.

This collection of counter-Reformation and post-Reformation works features 27 volumes—over 10,000 pages of literature. The collection gives you keen insight into the development of Catholic and Christian mystical thought during and after the Reformation.

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