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base packages

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A massive library at a remarkable price

Not only is buying a base package a great investment—when you look at the pure volume of resources you’re getting, it’s an incredible deal.

Christ the Redeemer StatueFor example, Gold contains nearly 1,100 resources. If the average book spine is about 1 ½ inches wide (and many of these resources are much larger), this library would stand nearly 138 feet tall—8 feet taller than Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue! That’s a library your home office most likely wouldn’t fit, a library that would cost you thousands of dollars in print—about $21,000, to be exact. Just imagine adding the additional 900 resources in Diamond (a $52,500 print value total), or the additional 1,400 resources in Portfolio (a $78,000 print value total).

With Logos 5, not only are you getting volume and value; you’re getting a custom-built library created for better Bible study. We’ve handpicked the most useful, in-depth commentaries, lexicons, language and grammar tools, and more to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money. Instead of trying to pull together the perfect library piece by piece, pick from one of our carefully crafted base packages. There’s a library that’s right for everyone.

Make the most out of your library

Normally, it would be nearly impossible to search your entire library for a passage or topic—but not with Logos 5, which allows you to search your entire library in seconds. Not only that, it makes your resources even more useful with features like:

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