7 Encouraging Quotes from Charles Simeon

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This 12-chapter book is full of scholarly, spiritually rich writings on Galatians and Ephesians. Charles Simeon does a wonderful job of breaking down themes chapter by chapter, providing you with powerful insight into these biblical books. Here are seven encouraging quotes from Galatians to Ephesians:

  1. “Thus we, in our respective situations, may be called upon, by those who are in authority over us, to neglect or violate a positive duty: but we must not give place by subjection, no, not for an hour; but ‘must obey God rather than man;’ and must ‘resist unto blood, striving against sin;’ and glory in death itself, when sustained in such a cause.”
  2. “But the Lord Jesus Christ, by his obedience unto death, has both fulfilled its demands, and suffered its penalties, for us; and has thus freed us from it as a covenant, and has brought us into a better covenant, the covenant of grace.”
  3. “In truth, this life, with all its labours and conflicts, would be a very miserable life, if we had no prospect of a better. But ‘there is a rest that remaineth for the people of God:’ and with that in view, we may well exert ourselves with all our might.”
  4. “Excess of trouble may, for a time, distract and overwhelm the soul. Our Lord himself seems to have experienced somewhat of this. Our prayers, perhaps, are never more acceptable, than when they are offered in broken accents, in sighs, and groans.”
  5. “If you have indeed been so highly distinguished, should you not ‘live no longer to yourselves, but altogether unto Him who died for you and rose again?’ Should any thing short of absolute perfection satisfy you? Should you not labour to ‘stand perfect and complete in all the will of God?’”
  6. “We shall do well ever to remember, that Christianity is not a mere speculative theory, that is to inform the mind; but a great practical lesson, to renew the heart, and to bring us back to the state from whence we are fallen.”
  7. “Learn, brethren, before it be too late, that ‘without Christ you can do nothing:’ that ‘all your fresh springs are in him:’ and ‘of him must your fruit be founds:’ ‘in him alone shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall glory.’”

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