Up to 40% Off New Releases from Baker for a Limited Time!

New releases from Baker are now available for pre-order at a healthy discount for just two weeks. Most of these books won’t be released in print or digital until later this summer and fall, but you can pre-order them right now!

Get the newest books by Stanley Porter, Bryan Chapell, Graham Twelftree, Thomas R. Schreiner, and others—not to mention Douglas Moo’s much-anticipated new commentary on Galatians in the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament, to be released later this year.

For most of these books, the discount is good for only two weeks, so get your pre-order in now to get the best price. Your card will not be charged until your book is available for download—and we’ll send you a reminder a few weeks before this happens.

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40% off for two weeks:

In addition to the books above, the following new releases are currently 10% off on Pre-Pub:

And if you’re really looking to bulk up your library, check out the 85-volume Baker Academic Biblical Studies Bundle, which is available for pre-order for 46% off for just a little while longer. It’s a big collection, but it works out to only $15.76 per book.


  1. These books show up as having no prepub discount whatsoever…