10 Community Pricing Deals You’re About to Miss Out On

Community Pricing lets you choose the price you’d be willing to pay on amazing books. It’s one of the best ways to get a great deal on classic works—for some books and collections, we’ve seen savings of over 90%!

As soon as there are enough bids to push a product into the Pre-Pub stage, the price goes up substantially. This could mean doubling or tripling.

Costs are nearly covered for the following products—soon they’ll be leaving Community Pricing forever. By bidding now, you’ll lock in some of the best prices. In fact, with enough bids, prices can come down even further!

Classic Studies on the Apostolic Fathers (29 vols.)

Get it for only $30. Once it moves onto Pre-Pub, the price goes up to $199.95—that’s a savings of nearly $170!

The Complete Works of Thomas Manton (22 vols.)

This resource, regularly priced at $599.95, is about to cross over at only $40.

Classic Studies on Eschatology (27 vols.)

You don’t want to miss out on this 27-volume collection. It’s only $30 right now!

A Popular Commentary on the New Testament (4 vols.)

Schaff’s commentary is going for $35. There’s still time to bring the price down even lower. Bid now!

George Wesley Buchanan Collection (9 vols.)

Currently at $35, this nine-volume collection is 82% off the regular price.

Oxyrhynchus Papyri (vols. 1–15)

These 25 volumes are tracking to end their Community Pricing run at 50% off. They’re normally $299.95, but you can bid now for only $150!

John Williamson Nevin Collection (13 vols.)

This is getting close to crossing over. If you want to get in at $40 (or lower), bid now!

E. A. Sophocles Collection (4 vols.)

Bid now for only $20. Once this collection moves into Pre-Pub, the price will go up to $79.95.

The Works of the Reverend John Fletcher (6 vols.)

The regular price for this collection is $119.95, but you can bid now for $50!

Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey (8 vols.)

Get it for only $14! The price will jump up to $49.95 once this collection moves to Pre-Pub.

As you can see, Community Pricing is a solid way to build your library for less. Make sure to check out these other Community Pricing deals, too.