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The need to apply biblical principles to the significant social and cultural issues of the day is one reason good scriptural interpretation is important. With the nine-volume Augsburg Fortress Ethics Collection, you’ll see how a diverse collection of noted scholars tackle serious issues like sexual ethics, war and nonviolence, global concerns, racism, and more.

Books in this informative collection include:

Moral Issues and Christian Responses

Editors: Patricia Beattie Jung and L. Shannon Jung

As current as it is reliable, this text immerses readers in the careful deliberation of moral dilemmas by challenging them to articulate their own well-reflected perspectives on the burning issues of our time. Sacrificing neither guiding orientation nor the complexity of the topics, the editors are masters of pedagogy in the art of ethical deliberation.”—Craig Nessan, professor of contextual theology, Wartburg Theological Seminary

Patricia Beattie Jung and Shannon Jung have edited a widely diverse and wonderfully engaging set of essays that ought to keep any ethics course talking. From Cardinal Avery Dulles, Walter Brueggemann, and Rowan Williams to Phyllis Trible, Cornel West, Ada María Isasi-Díaz, and Karen Lebacqz, the collection highlights the energy, intelligence, and originality of contemporary Christian stances on a compelling array of ethical issues. Indispensable for anyone interested in teaching an exciting and comprehensive course on what Christianity brings to the challenges of everyday life.”—James F. Keenan, Founders Professor in theology, Boston College

Moral Choice: A Christian View of Ethics

Author: Dolores L. Christie

Christie provides students with a concise and lively introduction to the basic concepts and debates in fundamental moral theology. She links the concrete moral dimensions of everyday life with the basic ideas that frame the Christian ethical tradition, making these connections vivid and readily understood. While especially attentive to the ways these realities have been discussed within Roman Catholicism, Christie succeeds at providing all persons, regardless of their faith convictions, both a framework for and process within which to reflect on their moral choices.”—Patricia Beattie Jung, professor of Christian ethics and Oubri A. Poppele Professor of Health and Welfare, Saint Paul School of Theology

Moral Choice is alive with up-to-the-minute examples that illuminate ethical concepts in the real world. References are global and multi-cultural, inviting readers to consider new contexts as they learn Christian ethics. Fundamentally, it aims at helping people become good moral thinkers, not rote reciters of rules. This book will start great discussions in class.”—Lisa Fullam, associate professor of moral theology, Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley

Making Love Just: Sexual Ethics for Perplexing Times

Author: Marvin M. Ellison

Christians since early in their history have gotten sex wrong. The result is our present culture where sexual oppression and abuse abound. Fortunately, ethicists like Marvin M. Ellison envision a liberative sexual ethics rooted in the very principles of faith by carefully listening to the voices of those relegated to the margins. His latest book, Making Love Just, is required reading for all who wish to move the present discourse on sexual justice forward.”—Miguel A. De La Torre, professor of social ethics and Latino/a studies, Iliff School of Theology

Remarkably written, [Making Love Just] gives us a gift of sex-positive approaches to Christian sexual ethics. Weaving the analytic with sincere attention to tears in our communities crying for hope,Making Love Just exposes the truth in our traditions that silences sex talk and dishonors bodies and sexualities by breaking forth new streams of thought with liberating clarity, method, and purpose. This book meets us at our point of need with a prophetic tongue and transformative embrace. You must read this book! It paves a brave path of healing grace, wholeness, and safer spirituality for us all!”—Melanie L. Harris, assistant professor, Texas Christian University

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