Free Update! Tim Keller Sermon Archive

Yesterday we issued a free update to the Tim Keller Sermon Archive. If you own this product, you received new sermons without having to lift a finger. Simply restart your software, and the new content should download automatically.

One of the benefits of Logos is that you always have the latest updates to all your resources. Sometimes the updates are small and under the hood. We’re guessing you don’t notice when we add links to new data types or fix a rogue typo. But the cumulative effect of these small updates is that your experience using Logos is always getting faster and better.

But other times, like this, the updates are big and substantial, and we’re delivering you piles of new content.

With Logos, you’ll always have the latest and greatest version, and your books will always be up to date.

If you don’t yet own the Tim Keller Sermon Archive, now is the perfect time to get it. You’ll get all the sermons already available today, plus free updates in the coming months as we continue to transcribe and digitize additional Keller sermons. Get it now!


  1. Michael Lasley says

    This is a little misleading. These are not free updates, they are the delivery of content which we have already purchased. It’s great that another update has been released, but don’t let your marketing hype get out of control.

  2. If you want to search this collection of sermons to see if Tim Keller preached a sermon on the passage you’re studying – without getting bogged down with hits on every time it’s simply cited as a cross reference – you can download the sermon index at this link: