Draw Closer to Your Spouse and to God

A Couple's Journey with God

What if you spent 15 minutes a day deepening your relationships with your spouse and with God? How would your marriage change? Find out by following the Faithlife book group A Couple’s Journey with God.

This book group, based on bestselling authors Bill and Pam Farrel’s devotional A Couple’s Journey with God, is designed specifically for busy couples. The Farrels share personal lessons, provide prompts for adding an extra spark to your marriage, and encourage prayer and open communication. The devotional encourages couples to connect their love with biblical wisdom.


By following the group, you’ll gain access to exclusive notes, discussion questions, and interviews with the authors. You can also join the conversation by asking your own questions and posting notes. To use all of Faithlife’s digital features, such as Community Notes, purchase the book through Faithlife’s sister company Vyrso. Use coupon code JOURNEY at checkout to save 25%.

Pam Farrel 

About the authors: Pam and Bill Farrel have been married for 33 years, worked in ministry for over 25 years, and written over 38 books. They have devoted their lives to helping couples build stronger bonds with each other and with Christ. They want to connect love and wisdom in order to build happy, unbreakable marriages.

Are you ready to draw closer to your spouse? Download A Couple’s Journey with God on Vyrso, join the Faithlife group, and begin reading with us on April 23.