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Book of Common PrayerLogos is adding resources that focus specifically on the Anglican/Episcopalian tradition. To that end, Logos has made me the Anglican product manager and tasked me with identifying important works from the Anglican/Episcopalian tradition that we can add to our existing Anglican products. As someone who just completed a thesis on early nineteenth-century Anglicanism (particularly the Oxford or Tractarian Movement), I am aware of many products we can add and very enthusiastic about the pairing of Anglican products with Logos’ powerful platform.

Often considered the Via Media (middle way), Anglicanism has historically drawn on resources from a wide variety of Christian traditions in addition to its own. Consequently, Anglicans will benefit from having their own specific resources integrated into Logos’ extensive product line (some 32,000 titles from all Christian traditions).

The Anglican tradition has significantly influenced other Christian traditions. The King James Version of the Bible was produced at the command of King James I for use in Anglican worship. Anglican bishop Thomas Ken wrote the familiar Doxology “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.” The poets John Donne and George Herbert were both writing from the Anglican tradition. More recently, the influential writings of C. S. Lewis, the biblical scholarship of N. T. Wright, the theology of J. I. Packer and John Stott, and the evangelistic/educational Alpha Course have all come out of Anglicanism. So, whether you are Anglican or not, this new product is good news. You’ll have access to the wealth of Anglican resources alongside the abundance of resources from other Christian traditions.

Under the mercy,
Benjamin Amundgaard

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  1. Mr. Amundgaard,

    I’m glad Logos has someone working the Anglican angle. It has been much needed.

    Regarding the upcoming Book of Common Prayer Collection, might I suggest that the lectionaries of the prayerbooks be made available for use on Logos? Many Churches still use the 1928 lectionary. It would be a great advantage to have that lectionary showing up when I open Logos to work on next week’s sermon.

    Of course, there are plenty of really good BCP commentaries in the public domain….

  2. It would be great to have our latest Australian Anglican prayer book APBA on logos

  3. Did I hear you say “Lewis”?
    Would be awesome if we had his books in Logos!

  4. Douglas R Allen says

    The works of W H Griffith Thomas must be on your list as they are an extremely valuable input to the evangelical side of Anglicanism

  5. Do you have a Lutheran Product Manager?


    • Jayson Bradley says

      Thanks for your question, Reverend. We have a Lutheran product manager starting in April.

  6. I’d love to hear from this person when possible.

  7. William Roth says

    Will there be a Methodist product manager as well, or will that movement grouped under the Anglican umbrella?

    • Jayson Bradley says

      Thanks for the question. We’re still working on how granular we’ll get with denominational product managers. We’ve talked through multiple scenarios and I’m not sure where Methodism will land yet. We’ll keep you posted.

  8. John Percival says

    Please get in touch with the Grove Books people ( and the Latimer Trust people ( … excellent Anglican resources!