Be the First to See Our TV Commercial!

We’re airing our first-ever television commercial during the History Channel’s “The Bible” series. And we want you to be the first to see it.

“The Bible,” the popular 10-hour docudrama, presents the Scripture’s stories from Genesis to Revelation. Since we’re all about getting into the Word, we can’t wait to share Logos with an audience ready to take the next step with their Bible study.

So take a look at our inaugural television commercial, and then invite all your friends and family over on Sunday, March 24, to watch it in the next episode of “The Bible!”

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  1. What great ideas. It’s about time.

  2. Fred Clifford says

    I’m glad this article mentioned that the mini-series is on The History Channel, and I’m glad to know that it’s on Sundays, but I have no idea what time of day to look for it. Is the schedule regional, or is it the same time for everybody?

  3. John A Oliver says

    I started out with Logos X which was introduced to me by Rev. Willie Seals. I loved that one! Now i’m using Logos 5 and man it is a wonderful tool for study! Now it is open for everybody! What a great time for the commercial, on a great Bible series! As the song says ” Look what God has done! Master mind is He”

  4. Congratulations on the tv ad. What a shame its advertised during a subpar mini-series that leaves out so much overall that its not worth sharing or pointing others to. Perhaps you could do a “Want to know what really happened and fill in the gaping holes this tv series leaves open?” type beginning.

    • Good point Joshua! I gave up on the series with the introduction to the ninja fighting angels at Sodom.

  5. The Bible series is very loosely based on the Bible which is a shame as it had so much potential. Joshua has a great suggestion.

    • John A Oliver says

      It may be loosely based on the Bible but, there are those who are still on milk and who need to get a glimpse of the whole story! And who knows it just might get someone saved! Everybody didn’t come out of the womb knowing everything about the Bible! Why is there always so many so called christians who always have something negative just because things aren’t done the way they would have done it? Wasn’t that the problem with the Scribes and Pharisees? Give some one else a chance to except Him where they are before we throw such words out to the public!!!

  6. I believe that the series would be better accepted by those who know the bible if the writers had taken less liberty with the story.

  7. John A Oliver says

    yes, but the concept i think is to the loss world. If u are not sick u don’t need a physcian!!!