20 Resurrection Sermons Just Waiting to Be Preached

More people go to church on Easter than on any other day of the year, and churches around the world are preparing for more visitors. How do you get ready for them without cutting into sermon prep time?

What if you could save so much time on sermon prep that planning for extra parking, extra seating, extra childcare, extra ushers, and other important things didn’t come at the expense of a great Easter sermon?

Or better yet: what if you could strategize the next two decades’ worth of Easter sermon ideas right now?

20 Easter sermon ideas right now? No way.

It’s not as tough as you might think—not if Logos 5 has your back. Just look up the resurrection of Christ in the Sermon Starter Guide!

Resurrection Sermons

Immediately, you’ll get a list of key passages that describe the resurrection, and each one could be your starting point for a sermon:

  1. Why the resurrection was important to David, Israel, and us (Ps. 16:8–11, Ac. 2:29–31)
  2. Jesus, Jonah, and you (Mt. 12:40)
  3. Who witnessed the resurrected Savior? (1 Co. 15:3–8)
  4. Jesus: alive forevermore! (Re. 1:17–18)

You’ll also see links to entries in the Topic Guide for “Easter” and the “Resurrection of Christ.” These entries connect you to more passages and resources that address these topics, leading to more sermon ideas:

  1. What is Easter, anyway?
  2. What the resurrection meant to Matthew
  3. What the resurrection meant to Mark
  4. What the resurrection meant to Luke
  5. What the resurrection meant to John
  6. What the resurrection meant to Paul
  7. What the resurrection meant to Peter

And then you’ll find a long, long list of pericopes (Bible excerpts) that relate to the resurrection. This can give you a good idea for Scripture to read during worship. And of course, there are plenty of sermon ideas here, too:

  1. Jesus is risen—now what? (Mt. 28)
  2. Do you recognize him? (Lk. 24:13–35)
  3. Are you a doubting Thomas? (Jn. 20:19–29)
  4. Jesus still provides (Jn. 21:1–14)

The Sermon Starter also gives you entire thematic outlines to work from, so you can go straight to Logos for a skeleton to use in your Easter message:

  1. Who foretold Jesus’ resurrection?
  2. How sure can we be of Jesus’ resurrection?
  3. Why was Jesus’ resurrection necessary?
  4. What happened when Jesus rose from the grave?
  5. How do we benefit from the resurrection of Jesus?

And on top of all this, the Sermon Starter searches your library for sermon ideas and includes them in the report! You’ll also get links to hymns, media, and more supplementary sermon material.

What’s #21? You tell me!

When I started writing this post, my working title was “7 Easter Sermons Just Waiting to Be Preached.” Then I opened the Sermon Starter and realized that seven sermon ideas really sold this tool short. There are so many Easter sermon ideas in Logos 5.

And that’s just Easter. Now imagine how Logos can help you prep for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day . . . the list goes on and on.

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