One Hour Left

NOTICE: The launch period for Logos 5 has ended. But don’t worry—we have lots of exciting sales planned this year! Recently upgrade to Logos 5? Join us in the forums, and tell us about your favorite features.

You have one hour.

After that, Logos 5 introductory discounts end—forever.

If you stay on the fence any longer, you’ll lose your only chance to claim your introductory discount on Logos 5. And really, why would you want to miss out on that?

Logos 5 is awesome, and if you have Logos 4, you’ll probably upgrade eventually. But here’s the problem with waiting: if you put off getting Logos 5 any longer, it’s only going to get more expensive.

Will you miss this deal forever? I hope not.

Call our upgrade hotline at 1-800-875-6467, or email the sales team and talk with someone about your upgrade options.

The Logos team is available until midnight (PST)!

Upgrade now!

P.S. Phone lines busy? Email sales before midnight to lock in your chance to get these savings tomorrow!


  1. Richard Baker says

    It is amusing that those who, by their comments, have obviously benefited from Logos’s products in the past now begrudge the organization further success. As further enhancements are developed for the software, each of us has an opportunity, and also the option, to either upgrade or maintain our current level of investment in Logos software. Frankly, every Logos user does not need to upgrade – a prayerful and careful decision based on real need and God’s provision is important. As a user of Logos software and a recent upgrader to version 5, I am excited that Logos is forward thinking in their focus of continued enhancement of the tools they provide for Bible study and the expansion of their library. This plan is not only good business practice, but also a wise stewardship of the talents and gifts that God has given to each of the Logos employees to benefit the propagation of His Word.

  2. Garry Lewellen says

    I really struggled over buying 5 but it came down to dollars and cents.
    I like what I have. I am sorry that this is so expensive because I have loved the products over the years. These programs are more than I paid for the original program. Most of the books that you provide in the upgrade are not what I want or need. The value to me is in the extra features that make study more fun and effective. I know some time in the future you will no longer support 4 and then I will have to make a decision.