Howard Hendricks (1924–2013)

Howard HendricksHoward Hendricks, professor at Dallas Theological Seminary for over 60 years, author or coauthor of 23 books, and chaplain to the Dallas Cowboys (1976–1984), went to be with the Lord early this morning.

“To guide a person in the name of Jesus is a great privilege and a sobering responsibility; to misguide an individual is no minor matter to Him.”—Howard Hendricks, The Christian Educator’s Handbook on Teaching

Hendricks shaped more than 10,000 students in his lifetime—but his influence doesn’t stop there. Thanks to Hendrick’s personal mentoring of leaders like Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, and David Jeremiah, he has left his mark through their ministries, too. Being mentored as a young man played an important role in Hendricks’ life, and as he communicates in As Iron Sharpens Iron, the most dramatic spiritual and personal growth often happens through the influence of a mentor.

“Show me a man’s closest companions and I can make a fairly accurate guess as to what sort of man he is, as well as what sort of man he is likely to become.”—Howard Hendricks, As Iron Sharpens Iron

Hendricks’ enthusiasm for God’s Word was infectious. Convicted that the Bible was one of the most important means of spiritual development, he encouraged more than rote memorization and scriptural exegesis. To him, the Bible needed to become part of us.

“Do whatever it takes to become an acquisitive Bible reader. Marry the truth of the Word with your own interests and experience—through personal engagement in the process—so that you do more than remember a passage of Scripture—you make it your own.”—Howard Hendricks, Living by the Book

From our finite perspective, it’s impossible to see the impact of Hendrick’s faithfulness. Someday, in the light of eternity, we’ll see its full influence.

“Too many believers die with an unsung song still in them. They finish life at the top of the pile in their field but at the bottom of life in terms of fulfillment.”—Howard Hendricks, Color outside the Lines


  1. Michael caldwell says

    he blessed me for years had a chance to hear him one time.

  2. Howard Chunn says

    Although I was not able to meet him personally, Howie Hendricks (Prof), has had a big influence on my life -through many of his messages, his books, and through several men who are friends of mine who sat in his classes and/or fellowshipped with him at his home.

  3. A humble man who was used mightily by Our Lord to build up men and women who desire to serve the Lord in ministry. May the Lord give us more men like Howard.

    • pastor caesar cabiness says

      What a mentor, his material is a requirement in our fellowship. thank God he was a yeilded vessel.

  4. Dr Gary Van Maanen, Ret. Army Chaplain says

    Heaven is richer now that this giant of the Christian life has moved in.
    I look forward to meeting Dr. Hendricks around the feet of our savior.

    What a great communicator of God’s truths. He taught us all so we could understand what our Lord is instructing us to live out in a world searching for His Love.

    He truly showed us how to share the Love of Christ thank You so much sir!!