Win Logos 5, an iPad Mini, and Books by Eric Metaxas!

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” —Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Bonhoeffer Tour, featuring New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas, begins February 8 in Williamsville, NY. To kick off this nationwide tour, Logos has partnered with Thomas Nelson,, and Food for the Hungry to give you the chance to win Logos 5 Gold, an iPad Mini, and Vyrso editions of Metaxas’ Bonhoeffer and Seven Men!

iPadminiDietrich Bonhoeffer, a committed pacifist, left his native Germany in 1939 to avoid conscription, which would have entailed swearing an oath to Hitler and fighting in his army. He came to think of that decision as a sort of flight; after just four weeks, he returned to Germany on the last steamer to make the crossing. There he contributed bravely to the resistance; eventually captured, he was hanged on April 9, 1945. Bonhoeffer presents this remarkably orthodox theologian’s profound moral courage and extraordinary faith.

Seven Men profiles Bonhoeffer, George Washington, William Wilberforce, Eric Liddell, Jackie Robinson, John Paul II, and Charles Colson. Metaxas asks: What does it look like to—as a leader, father, brother, husband, coach, counselor, change agent, or wise man—be a true role model?

Pick up Bonhoeffer and pre-order Seven Men today!

Entry closes April 6, and we’ll select the winner April 8. If you win and you already own Logos 5, Bonhoeffer, and/or Seven Men, you’ll get credit in place of the prizes.

Enter now!

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  1. I would use this software to go deep into the the wonderful gift of God’s Word. Logos has proven itself as the premier software company for doing as the psalmist said and searching the Word of God as if it were gold or silver.

  2. The combination of an iPad Mini and Logos 5 will equip me with an extensive library for ministry on the go.

    • Kathy Warman says:

      great combination of portability and powerful resources!

    • Caleb Wilber says:

      This would be great for me because I am going to Lancaster Bible College and I am always needing to lug my laptop around to classes.

  3. Linda Davis says:

    So nice to have an intelligent voice in the Christian Literary World.
    Mr. Colson selected an excellent soldier to carry on…

  4. I would use it to further my Christian blog.

  5. It would be awesome!

  6. Rachel Dallaire says:

    It would enhance my studies and enable me to study on the go.

  7. Jennifer Tompkins says:

    This would help me greatly in my studies!!

  8. These tools would help me use these tools portably.

  9. So how do we enter?

  10. Being able to have all of my Logos resources on a small iPad mini would make it possible to be fully capable of extensive sermon prep and Bible reading

  11. Kristin O'leary says:

    It would give me the extra tools to be able to really study the word. It would create an easy-to-bring ministry on the go. And would help connect with resources and sermons online that will help with any extra knowledge I may need on each part of the word I study.

  12. and iPad mini would help me tap that great library while traveling :-)

  13. Rick Garavaglia says:


  14. Dennis Edgar says:

    It would be great help because I will not be tied to a bulky laptop.

  15. Rick Garavaglia says:

    Wow! Help me count the ministry potential increase with useful tools like these!

  16. Logos would read help me be better equipped to serve The Lord at my church and also it would give me resources for seminary and it would help financially. Also, the iPad mini would give me a highly portable device that I could have logos readily available at any time.

  17. I can take the Word to my work as a detective with the police department. I can use Logos at my fingertips and run Bible studies

  18. Gary James says:

    Logos 5 Gold and an iPad mini would be a huge upgrade to my very small library and would allow me to go digital all of the time.

  19. Cheryl Boge says:

    The convenience, is the first reason. All my books in one place and easy to carry. Second quick access to information at the my fingertips

  20. David Langdon says:

    Make it a lot easier to study on the move

  21. Ingrid Glenn says:

    An iPad Mini with Logos 5 would allow me to keep all of my Bible resources together in a size I can slip into my handbag and take with me wherever I go. Gone would be a large bulky Bible or one so small I can’t read the type. What a dream to have everything at my fingertips all the time, everywhere.

  22. Mike Dugan says:

    Logos5 would be an upgrade that will futher my quest for Biblical knowledge and better equip me to teach.

  23. This would be a gift for my husband. It would allow him to study the Bible regardless of where he is.

  24. The Logos 5 and the iPad Mini together would be useful for equipping myself with tools for the ministry. It would be a great advantage because of its easy access and portability.

  25. It would be much easier to read on a mini as I currently use a bulky laptop or an iPod touch which is too small for reading the Bible.

  26. I am exploring returning to my ministry roots. I had donated most of my library to churches years ago and would like to rebuild it through Logos. The iPad mini would work well at a lectern for speaking notes and for mobile studies and notes.

  27. dj cronrath says:

    I would be able to use the ipad mini and logos to teach my son more about the Bible by studying it even more thoroughly. This will also be a great asset to my future

  28. Alan Harris says:

    Logos is an invaluable resource that helps to equip the saints in the study, teaching and preaching of God’s Word! The winner of this package will truly be blessed, as will those it will help them to reach for Christ!

  29. I already have Logos 4 and using it has been so helpful to me. In college, I used it mostly for personal use. It has given me insights and helped men to learn, but more than that it has drawn me closer to Jesus. An upgrade to Logos 5 Gold would be such a blessing because it would give me even more resources to see while I study. Now that I’m out of college, Logos is my primary place to learn and study. And now my study is not just personal. It is for the people of my church. Logos 5 would be such a blessing!

  30. I am a very mobile person. I use Logos every day. A mini ipad would be a great tool for me. Furthermore, I think Eric Metaxas is a phenomenal writer. I must win!

  31. As a college ministry pastor, I am always on the go, seeking to engage student on campus, in coffee shop bible studies, in their homes, and at church. Logos 5 on an iPad mini would give me the versatility I need to serve the college students well!

  32. This package would provide me with the tools I need to better minister to others.

  33. The tools provided would help me to have the ability to get a more in depth understanding of the word in order to minister.

  34. Jennifer Arthur says:

    I have been trying to save for a mini so that I can share it with my kids for reading, school web pages, and bible reading.

  35. It would be nice to be able to study the bible wherever I go.

  36. Jimmy Lester says:

    Study times improved for me & receiving more knowledge will provides more mature Christians that I minister to

  37. Logos on an iPad mini would be like always having the Word of God in my hand,except with magic and bacon!

  38. As a Pastor, having mobile devices with Logos 5 everywhere I go, will make it easier to prepare for Sunday School and our small groups. I also home school my children, and having an iPad Mini will aid them in their biblical studies as well.

  39. J. T. Wright says:

    The portability of the iPad Mini and the power of Logos 5 make Bible study something I can do on the go, at work or at home. Both are powerful tools that digitally connect any user to the transformational power of personal Bible study and learning.

  40. I use my iPad for Bible reading and preaching from every week. Can’t do a sermon without Logos!

  41. Richard Hitchcock says:

    I would be able to study the Bible more effectively using Logos 5 on the iPad Mini. Rick

  42. Having technology at my fingertips has allowed me to delve deeper into my bible study each day by researching commentaries, Greek and Hebrew, and sermons along side reading God’s word. I would be so grateful to have access to Logos 5 to have a wealth of information at my fingertips plus the iPad mini so I don’t have to hunch over my iPhone for research like I do now!

  43. Greg Wilson says:

    Study from anywhere, anytime

  44. This would make a great tool to study God’s Word and delve deeper into it during the normal commute to work or during trips where getting the laptop out isn’t practical.

  45. Michael Oram says:

    I am a biblical sponge. I thirst to take Logos 5 with me on an iPad Mini.

  46. I have recently felt the calling to ministry and would love a resource like this as I follow His call wherever He takes me.

  47. Lon McDaniel says:

    To be a better witness in my life to others.

  48. Adam Haden says:

    The ipad mini would be a benefit to me because I have used logos for on the computer and I love it. Being a student training to be a missionary I move around a lot so the mini would help me study wherever I am. It would also help me to prepare for my sermons and discipleship lessons.

  49. This would be a tremendous help for my wife and I as we are raising support to serve as church planters to the city of Montevideo Uruguay!

  50. Allan stiles says:

    Ever since I lost my stomach due to surgeon error I have been blessed with a newfound life thru our Lord in Heaven. The issue I have is my hands cannot hold a bible, iPad, or other religious study element for more than 10 mins every hour. I believe that the ipad mini is light enough to allow me to do more. I love using the logos material for my Saturday bible studies we learn so much and have so many great discussions because of the material.

  51. Would free me up to study and use Logos away from my computer.

  52. Tim Bertolet says:

    These tools would help me study the Bible on the go. As a pastor, I am in and out of my study and its tough to take my books and resources with me.

  53. Mr Charles Wyatt says:

    I would love to have gold

  54. Christian Huls says:

    Because I can take it with me on my iPad. Then when I get to my desktop, everything is updated with my notes and highlights, and when I open the books I was reading, they jump to the page I was on.

  55. Pennie Trevillian says:

    This prize would make my Bible study each day easier by combining the Scriptures and the study tools in one compact package.

  56. Richard Moffat says:

    The combination of Logos and iPad mini is a can’t miss opportunity to study, wherever you find yourself and at any time. It really means no excuses to stay in the word!

  57. Portable studying is more efficient.

  58. An iPad mini and logos 5 would help me train the next generation in Bible doctrine of which only 4% believe the Bible to be true. They are looking for truth everywhere logos 5 and ipad would help me in delivering the truth!

  59. We’re moving to East Asia in May. Taking an iPad Mini with Logos 5 would be a lot easier than shipping my library overseas.

  60. Peter Whitfield says:

    Logos is a superb tool for serious bible study and the iPad app very useful!
    Love it :)

  61. Ryan vars says:

    How would logos 5 and an iPad mini NOT help study the Bible? Put the best Bible software in a hand held device and it’s a match made in heaven. I work among an unreached people group in The 10/40 window and good resources are hard to come by and finances are tight! I dream of having this set-up.

  62. Would help with preparing material for my small groups.

  63. Matt Turner says:

    An iPad mini would help me in my mobile study of the word and also help in keeping my ministry duties organized. Logos 5 would help me deepen my study of the word of God.

  64. I write devotions as a freelance author, and I would love to dive even deeper into the Scriptures. Logos would help me study the Bible more effectively.

  65. Brad Jolly says:

    This would allow me to take my Logos5 library on the go. So cool!

  66. Brian Roden says:

    Logos 5 would be a great addition to my collection of tools as a seminary student. And having it on a mobile device would mean I could do study work anywhere.

  67. I could access all my Logos stuff via vryso very conveniently!

  68. I am a church planter so I would use it as I am in the community seeking to build for Christ in this city.

  69. An IPad mini and Logos 5 would be a tremendous help to my bible study as a bivocational pastor. Having to work 40+ hours a week as a Lead Meter Reader to help provide for me and my wife who is currently finishing her last year of college without having to work makes for not much money left over to buy bible study helps and not many hours to dedicate to bible study while preparing for 4+ sermons and/or bible studies a week. Logos 5 would be so helpful in providing the ability to prepare and study more in less time and to free up time to do more outreach and vision casting for our church. God Bless for all you do for those in ministry.

  70. It would help me bring a whole theological library to Uganda/DRC to assist me in training and discipling pastors here in Africa.

  71. Mary Donovan says:

    I pray it would encourage me to even more purposeful study knowing the Father had made specific provision for it.

  72. April Menking says:

    Both Logos 5 and the iPad mini would allow me to take my Bible study anywhere and be able dig deeper as I study.

  73. Gina Nobinger says:

    How exactly does one enter to win? Write a comment? Buy a book? Beg?

  74. Rick Matthews says:

    The Logos tools are tremendous. I would use them in my pastoral ministry and teaching ministry in my church. Then I would pass them to my soon-to-be-ordained son for his productive use.

  75. It would allow me to have a wealth of resources in my hand.

  76. I could study anywhere!

  77. stephanie laissle says:

    love it!

  78. portability would be amazing….that many books in one slender ipad mini? AMAZING.

  79. I would love to have Logos 5. I am a Bible study teacher and it would be helpful in preparing my lessons.

  80. Walter Resendes says:

    Logos 5 and the iPad Mini will allow me to be more productive as I prepare my small group Bible studies.

  81. Heath Starks says:

    I can’t afford Logos 5. Would be great to win it!

  82. I love logos 4 and would love to upgrade to logos 5

  83. I would be able to do much more I depth research in my bible study. Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. this would be a great portable tool to study and share the bible with others.Instant bible ref. & answers to questions with logos 5.

  85. Bradley Geno says:

    iPad mini and Logos would enhance my ministry as a pastor and help in my personal Bible study as well as sermon prep.

  86. If I won it would help me take the Bible with me wherever I go, and make sermon prep and worship prep a lot easier!

  87. I would read the bible on the kindle app on the iPad

  88. it would allow me to access research and study materials while I am away from home or school.

  89. linda wojciechowski says:

    Portable studying wouldbe very helpful.

  90. Mauricio Calderon says:

    Thank God for allowing us to have his precious word in so many ways through so many means.may we not take for granted his word.

  91. I just downloaded the mobile app and a friend had told me about logos and would love to try it and be able to have a good study tool!!!

  92. Ron Parish says:

    With the tablet, I would be able to have remarkable study material with me at all times; the iPad Mini is compact and powerful enough to have tools at my disposal without having to carry a library with me. Logos 5 comes with a wealth of information allowing me to access material I don’t have room for in my office.

  93. Susan Montoya says:

    I am a homeschooling mama of four (three teens and a 6-year-old). The iPad Mini and Logos Software would be invaluable tools to make the Bible really come to life for all of us. We always do a Bible study before we start our core subjects and these tools would be a great integration. It would be such a blessing to have so many resources at our fingertips for discussion, presentation, and personal study. With the software in the iPad Mini, we can take our interactive Bible studies on-the-go and dig deeper into God’s creation while at the park, going for a walk, or simply sitting in the backyard watching the birds. My children have an interest in attending the School of Ministry at our church and Logos would be an amazing tool for them to dig deeper into the Word and really get excited about learning and applying it to their lives.

  94. Sara Braun says:

    Both would be wonderful to have! My husband and I travel alot and it would be so much easier and lighter than taking our books

  95. As one of the preaching team at a new church plant these resources would be a great asset.

  96. Kyle Palmer says:

    An IPad Mini loaded with Logos 5 would help me study the Word more often and in more places.

  97. Jason Gray says:

    What a great way to help me as a pastor to study the Word and minister to the church.

  98. Nicholas van Oudtshoorn says:

    Would enable some nice away from the office studying!

  99. John Harding says:

    Oh my goodness how awesome it would be to have a powerhouse of information all at my fingertips…witnessing, sharing the gospel, bible study, sermon preparation(word study, exegesis, exposition) all in a tool that fits right in the bible I already carry and have with me all the time anyway…counseling tips on the go…it would really be a blessing for His ministry for me…can I get an amen?

  100. Ben Koshy says:

    I have been using Logos since 2005 and this is an excellent tool for those who are passionate about learning the WORD. Having applications for gadgets including Ipad, the users can optimize this tool to it max and I wanted to thank Logos’ leadership for their continues contribution in embellishing the LOGOS products.

  101. Kevin Nichols says:

    This would greatly help me in preparing weekly Bible study outlines for Wednesday night. Logos is a wonderful resource. Having the portability of a iPad mini would enable me to be even more productive.

  102. what an amazing tool and a great device to use it on! As a recent seminary grad and now a full time pastor I know this can be such a blessing to my ministry of disciple making!

  103. As a new homeschooler this would be an amazing resource!

  104. J Norfleete Day says:

    Logos is a phenomenal Bible study tool. With its depth of resources and an IPad mini to access it anywhere, I’d be able to prepare and deliver Bible studies much more easily than by any manual methods.

  105. I would be able to have a portable library which would greatly help my Bible study.

  106. Saving money in a small missionary church would allow us to put it into the ministry. This would be a great tool as many have mentioned.

  107. Trey Tyler says:

    My wife and I are going into ministry and would love to have this resource at our fingertips all the time. I am aiming to be a pastor and would greatly benefit from these resources

  108. This setup would be easy on the go studying!

  109. Logos 5 and the iPad mini would help me more Efficiently preach the gospel and uncover the excellencies of Jesus in the Sord

  110. With the tablet, I would be more flexible in sermon prep and delivery. Allways wanted one. And Logos 5, wow, but for now to expansive for my salary.
    Would love to get that!

  111. I would use these to aid in serving in my current role as intern at ABIDE (Amagara Biblical Institute of Discipleship and Evangelism) and then to aid in my studies when I return to the United States to continue in my Seminary degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Such great resources!

  112. The Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. Accessible.

  113. As a Church Planter, my prayer would be that this tool would help others more than myself personally. With proper stewardship, the iPad mini would help in serving others with practical management in many areas like studying on the go, saving time and resources on printing, keeping track of prospects and contacts more easily, coordinating schedules more efficiently, syncing with Logos on the computer, discipling, teaching and training almost anywhere, using it as tool to help lead souls to a saving knowledge of Christ, not to mention aiding in the administrative oversight of church staff and ministry leaders. Likewise, the Logos 5 Gold package would certainly put many more resources at the fingertips helping to minimize weekly study time to feed the flock of God as an under-shepherd to the Lord Jesus Christ, keeping the servant-leader out in the highways and hedges more. Someone said, “Leaders are Readers…” and whoever wins this useful prize will be equipped to be a “Succeeder.” Thank you Logos!

  114. Celeste Peters says:

    It would be like taking my library with me but in a compact, easy way. My kids love reading the Bible or listening to it on my phone. So I would use it with my kids, as well.

  115. Just what i need to help me prepare for the soon coming crisis.

  116. My earnest prayer is to win this. : )

  117. The versatility of mobility would be totally great for study!

  118. Portable bible study for a busy minister of truth

  119. Downloaded the mobile app to my phone. Being able to use it on an iPad mini would be awesome!

  120. This package would help me complete my dissertation!

  121. Ryan Dillon says:

    As a Bible College student currently in my fourth year and moving on to get my M.Div. in Biblical Exposition having such a portable device that can access my Logos Library, store all my notes and sync with my other devices would be so nice.

  122. I’m going into ministry at the end of this semester, Lord willing. I’m already looking into the possibility of getting an iPad mini to aid along in my ministry, and I know I’ll be able to put Logos to good use for the sake of those I will be ministering to.

  123. Gary Gooch says:

    This would be a great help. I’m a semi-retired priest working with 6 small churches in the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. I’d love to receive this package.


  124. Emmanuel Santiago says:

    The possibilities of having Logos in an iPad mini is immense. On the spot studying and resources that help encourage to dig deep into God’s Word anywhere with an iPad would be a tremendous blessing. I would carry it with me anywhere!

  125. What a great way to relax and read books from my logos library.

  126. Jon Nottingham says:

    This would give great convenience to studying by having access to a host of resources and wisdom from other believers at any time anywhere I go.

  127. Jeremiah Morris says:

    The blog does not tell us how to enter. I assume a response here is adequate? Ty

  128. Katie manner says:

    I would use it everywhere I go and it would fit in my purse easily. I would be able to find the scripture faster

  129. I could take my study to a whole new level!

  130. I like to lead ladies’ bible study groups so it would be great to have these resources available. I know it would be a powerful tool to use. My husband teaches a Sunday school class so he would benefit too!

  131. As a pastor it would be a huge benefit in my study time and with the iPad mini it would make it possible to do sermon preparation on the go. I can’t even imagine the benefit of having Logos mobile.

  132. I have won souls to the Lord, I have won the rare game of Bingo, but I have never won any THING to speak of. Credit and an iPad mini would be fun and useful. So count me in.

  133. They would help me to study the bible while commuting and travelling around on public transport.

  134. Timothy Pierce says:

    The iPad mini would allow me to do my Bible study on the go. Logos would allow me to study the Bible more in depth with all of its tools and commentaries.

  135. Thank you for this extra bonus opportunity to enter. Thanks, ~ linda

  136. Zachary Murphy says:

    An iPad mini and Logos 5 would help me better prepare communion meditations.

  137. Convenience in accessing resources.

  138. Planting a new church, these tools would go a LONG way in helping us spread God’s love story at a time where we find ourselves with a small, limited, and declining budget. Thanks for this opportunity! Blessings!!

  139. It would help streamline it… I wouldn’t have to go to several places for all the resources I need.

  140. Manie van den Heever says:

    As a Bible translation consultant, it would be amazing to have my Logos resources (which I use literally every day) available in such a mobile way as I travel to serve Bible translation projects in various countries.

  141. Marshall Davis says:

    I travel internationally around 80 days a year. It would be great to have Logos suite while on the go. Just my study bible alone weighs a ton!

  142. The Logos 5 application will be an excellent addition in my toolbox of bible study resources!

  143. It would allow me access to resources that I would never come across otherwise, sending me into a depth of understanding that is, at the moment, unimaginable. The iPad Mini would make it convenient.

  144. To have iPad Mini (more portable than an iPad) with me and the huge resource library and powerful features of Logos would be just wonderful for my assignments, devotions, bible studies (alone and group study). Thanks for the chance to win this! Plus would love Eric Metaxas’ new book!

  145. I already use Logos 4 for personal study and to prepare for teaching youth group. I’m really excited about the new features in Logos 5 which would make my work much easier, but I can’t afford the upgrade right now. Would love to give the iPad Mini to my mom as she would like an e-reader for many of the theological books I’ve purchased.

  146. That would give me an opportunity to take my Bible studies with me anywhere God leads me. That’d be quite a blessing!

  147. Rick Ziesmer says:

    I’m a long time user. Having these resources would make it easer and more convenient to study anywhere and everywhere. Thank you Logos!

  148. I would love to win this! Winning this would help me study

  149. I’m already incredibly reliant on using Logos 4 on an iPad, reading Scripture and scholarly resources on public transport and at remote locations. I’d love to be even more portable and up to date!

  150. Scott Welch says:

    I would like to win the iPad mini with Logos for my wife so it would benefit her bible study

  151. would make the bible more accessible

  152. Janine McNally says:

    It would enable me to study anywhere I went!

  153. on the go gives you an extra chance to read up on and study the BIBLE or any information you may need while at appointments,,ore waitin etc…..during the day ,

  154. Georgette C says:

    Logos 5 and an ipad would help me because an ipad is so portable so whenever I feel I need guidance from scripture, I can use it anywhere.

  155. Stephanie says:

    It would make studying on-the-go much easier!

  156. Tara Torres says:

    It wouldn’t, but I would still like to be in the running to win an iPad. Thank you.

  157. Cassie Korando says:

    The portability would be great since I could take it anywhere!

  158. Anthony Forrest says:

    I could use both in scripture study to show the text to those I’m studying with regularly.

  159. I just purchased Logos 5. So I would like to pass this on to a friend. He has studied the bible for the last 30 years. He has many many books. But does not have this, the purchase has been the obstacle. So, that is what I would do, give it away.

  160. I would use it at work, church and school. I’d use it a lot!

  161. kolleen birkmeyer says:

    Having the mini iPad and or logos 5 would be FANTASTIC in helping me study the Bible as I am taking a discipleship class on the old testament this year and then to follow up this fall with the new testament study.and I need to look up a lot.of information and read a lot of.scripture. so to.have these would help me immensely!! Thank you for your consideration…In HIM…Kolleen

  162. Logos 5 and the iPad mini would serve me greatly in mobility at my seminary.

  163. Dianne Arsenault says:

    Bible study on the go, anywhere

  164. It woud make looking up specific passages, alot quicker

  165. Todd Hochman says:

    i would use it all the time for work and school….pray that i win!!!!!!!!

  166. Debbie Petch says:

    It would help me organize and be able to do proper online research.

  167. Margie Young says:

    Being able to read the different versions, compare them along with looking up the meaning of words , viewing maps to see the region the verse is talking about would help me to visulize it . It would also be a wonderful way to bring visual aid of the Bible to share with my grandchildren.

  168. It would make it a lot easier for me when preparing for bible studies and exhortations :)

  169. Amany Sabry says:

    i need logos 5 to help me in my studying of the Holy Bible and my future ministry. and i can’t afford its price

  170. Eliza-Ligia Enache says:

    Yes, of course it would! It would be a great tool!

  171. Brian Roden says:

    As a seminary student, Logos would be a valuable aid as I work through classes on exegesis from the Greek

  172. an ipad mini would help me read the bible more since i could make the font bigger and having a brighter screen will help me see

  173. Shane Ledbetter says:

    Having these great tools would allow me to share how to study God’s Word with high school students

  174. Mark Mitchell says:

    I would give it to one of our former youth that is in seminary. It would help equip him better for studying.

  175. Nick Horton says:

    It would allow me to easily take my library with me wherever I go.

  176. Gerry Pippin says:

    I am so thankful to God for precious life!! Part of enjoying it would be to own what I have desired to have-an iPad!!! One of the effects of a brain aneurysm has left me with “third nerve palsy” which has affected my vision. Having this type of tech I could benefit greatly in being able to see text and pictures more clearly as I continue studying God’s Word and growing in the faith. It would mean so much to me to have one!!!

  177. Jonathan Greer says:

    I am just just starting seminary, and I am a part time youth minister. I could use the library of logos and the mobility of the ipad. It would be a great strength to my ministry and education.

  178. molli vandehey says:

    i get so nervous bringing my bible out, i dont want to damage it, i also dont feel ok with marking up my bible… so having electronic and portable would be so awesome…

  179. By having the software on an iPad mini, it would allow me to always have it with me.

  180. Justin Pearson says:

    iPad mini and logos 5 would open up resources for me to study away from a library and to have a collection of resources I couldn’t otherwise afford

  181. Darlene A. Frederick says:

    This would be so much easier to read and to navigate through books and scriptures.

  182. Joel Tullberg says:

    I recently upgraded to Silver. Been using Logos for 6 years now! Love it.

  183. Patricia B says:

    I would be able to carry it with me and on a break or at an appointment I can read!

  184. Would give me instant 24-hr access to Bible study tools wherever I am.

  185. Some of the new features in LOGOS 5 would definitely help me to take my study to a whole new level and the iPad Mini would obviously allow me to be more productive on the go. ;-)

  186. Help with the study of seminary classes

  187. This would help with my teaching.

  188. Chad Whitley says:

    I’m a pastor of a small church, and I don’t have the money to build a solid theological library. An iPad Mini would be a blessing because it would provide a way for me to study on the go, and the Logos Gold would be amazing to help me build the foundations of a solid study library. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  189. Alan Littlejohn says:

    These resources can save time for other ministry as well as helping me to be a better preacher of God’s word.

  190. Be able to read and study on the go ! At last !!!

  191. As a missionary who often travels to remote places to train, equip & encourage indigenous leaders, this combo would be an excellent tool to help facilitate this important work.

  192. I loved using Logos on my MAC, but I haven’t been able to for a while now because I need an upgrade. What better way to do it than to upgrade both hardware (iPad Mini) and software!

  193. I would be able to access online content at any time

  194. I would use it to share the word of God.

  195. I can bring my iPad mini with me wherever I go and always have the Logos 5 to use when I have free time or when I do my daily Bible study, to search & learn more abut God and His WORD. Logos 5 is more in depth than any other program & has more info. & it can help me prepare to go out and do Gods work.

  196. I looking forward in using this app.

  197. JOYCE ELLCEY says:

    I would be able to carry it with me every day where every I go. I would be able to read the verses that would let me deal with every day life

  198. Don’t know yet, I never heard of Logos till I watch The Bible on History Channel

  199. I would use it as my primary Bible at home, work, church and on the go. My life would definitely benefit from this setup.

  200. I’ve always wanted Logos, ever since I was in seminary, but I’ve never been able to afford it. The chance to have access to all of those tools would vastly improve my office time as I prepare for my weekly messages and daily lesson plans. It would also do wonders for my speaking engagements – as would the iPad mini, because I could carry my notes on that!

  201. I’m a seminary student so the ways in which I would be helped are manifold. God Bless!

  202. Joe Stoppelbein says:

    Thanks for offering this. As a pastor I’m always looking for more study material!

  203. Logos 5 would increase my study capabilities for word studies and combined with the ipad mini I could study anywhere and carry the resources with me along with my calendar, notes, and the internet. This would be a huge resource for me in the ministry I am involved in at my church!

  204. It would make it more portable.

  205. Ansel Talbert says:

    Uh, hellooo!?! Bible Study, Logos 5, on-the-go, take anywhere…would be amazing for ministry and God glorifying creativity.

  206. “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.” Jeremiah 17:7. This will give me another option when I need a quick glance at what Jesus’ plan and purpose are for me.

  207. dori anne abbott says:

    I would love to be able to study the Bible when I travel; and also out and about town. These tools would help me immensely.

  208. I could use it anywhere

  209. cameron fisk says:

    Logos5 would take my bible reading/study to the next level, increasing my effectiveness in speaking, preaching, and ministry. To have the convenience and portability of the iPad mini combined with the complete bible resources provided with Logos5 would be incredible!

  210. What a treasure to have, ALL this and Bonhoeffer too! He is a saint for sure!