Why You Shouldn’t Wait until Logos 6 to Upgrade

The wait is over: Logos 6 is here! Get it today at Logos.com/6.

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Logos Base PackagesWith many products, it makes sense not to upgrade with each new version that comes out. Whether it’s phones, tablets, or software, most people don’t need to upgrade to every new version.

As an owner of Adobe’s Creative Suite, I’ve often had to wrestle with the question of whether to upgrade or sit out a round. The only thing I miss out on if I skip a version is the use of the new features for the next year or two. When the next version comes out, I’ll get all the new features from both versions. I’ll have the same set of tools as the person who upgrades with each new version.

Some of you may be approaching upgrading to Logos 5 this way. On the surface, it seems like a good way to save some money. And while it makes sense in a lot of categories, I’d like to explain why it doesn’t make sense with our base packages.

In most cases, new products exclusively build on top of, add to, and improve old ones. They get thinner, lighter, faster, more space, longer battery life, more features, etc. When products merely add to the ones they replace, you can often get by fine with upgrading every other release cycle—assuming the new features aren’t essential for you to have right away.

But Logos base packages don’t work that way. We certainly add many new features, datasets, and books with each new release. But in order to make room for all the new books we add, we also take many books out. We do this for several reasons. Sometimes we just want to freshen our packages up so people who upgrade can add more new books to their libraries. Other times publishers request to have their content removed and want to try selling it individually.

Regardless of the reasons, the result is that each new generation of base packages provides a one-time opportunity to pick up thousands of dollars of content for about ten cents on the dollar.

Let me illustrate with Logos 4. People who sat out and didn’t upgrade to Logos 4 missed out on the opportunity to get the following content at base package prices:

Books Vols. Standalone Base Package
Semeia: An Experimental Journal for Biblical Criticism 91 $49.95 ~$5.00
A. W. Pink Collection 40 $249.95 ~$25.00
Berkouwer’s Studies in Dogmatics 14 $329.95 ~$33.00
Pillar New Testament Commentary 8 $249.95 ~$25.00
The Encyclopedia of Christianity: Volumes 1–4 4 $289.95 ~$29.00
Great Doctrines of the Bible 3 $29.95 ~$3.00
Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament 3 $139.95 ~$14.00
Wuest’s Word Studies & Wuest’s Expanded NT 2 $75.95 ~$7.60
A Popular Account of the Ancient Egyptians 2 $49.95 ~$5.00
Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament 1 $49.95 ~$5.00
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible 1 $45.00 ~$4.50
Bible History: Old Testament 1 $29.95 ~$3.00
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament 1 $59.95 ~$6.00
The Teacher’s Bible Commentary 1 $50.00 ~$5.00
Totals 182 $1,700.40 ~$170.04

You could have purchased Logos 4 Platinum for less than it would cost you to just purchase these 14 selections at Logos.com prices (not to mention the more than 170 other volumes removed from Platinum). If this is content you’d ever want to buy, it certainly makes sense not to have skipped upgrading to Logos 4. In total, we removed over $6,400 worth of content from base package libraries. The same thing will be true with a different set of content in Logos 5 when the next version comes out.

Get Logos 5 now!

Act now and get thousands of dollars’ worth of books at a fraction of their Logos.com prices. This content might not be available in the next iteration of our software. It’s not too late to get an incredible deal on a Logos 5 upgrade, but you have to act soon. Our introductory discounts end February 4. Upgrade now!


  1. I’ve been visiting the Logos website for quite some time now. I have a question that I couldn’t find an answer to yet. If I purchase a Logos 5 software can I use it on more than one device? For example I have a desktop at home, a MacBook Air, iPad and an iPhone. Would I be able to use the software on all devices? Does it sync? If so, What if I have my brother use it on the desktop but yet I don’t want his notes to sync to my MacBook? If you can help answer or lead me to a FAQ page that’d be awesome. Thank you!

  2. Kathrine Harrison says

    I would love to upgrade to several things! But our Church can’t afford it, we chose to no longer get a check so we are living off the VA benefits God has kept us going on. Keep up the good work and may the Lord Bless you!

  3. Paul Snyder says

    Bruce Cullom Sr. Alternatively, you can turn off the “advertisements” and Logos will populate the homepage with information/data drawn (only) from the resources you own.


    When I click on Customize in the lower left corner I find no place to turn off advertisements. How do I do that?

  4. I’d love to be able to afford all that shiny new stuff. In reality, however, I’ve already got heaps more content than I can possibly use at the moment. All I really need is the engine to be upgraded. Is this an option?

  5. I agree with many of you – Logos is following Microsoft’s footsteps. Books and resources should be first focus and technology second. Over the years, I have builded up Logos library cost around $5K. With the new update offer, I don’t need those books. Just give me an engine and I should be fine. Also, with the Logos 4 upgrade, I lost Bibliography capability, which was a huge help for me.

    In a long run, I see that Logos is inviting another rival Bible software provider.