What’s New in Logos 5 Base Packages

Logos 5 base packages are the place to begin building your library.

If you’re a new user, a Logos 5 base package is the best way to start your study. You’ll get an integrated theological library—hundreds, even thousands, of books—at up to 91% off. And you’ll get a suite of the most powerful tools for digital Bible study available anywhere.

If you’re an existing user, upgrading will get you Logos 5’s remarkable new features, plus hundreds or thousands of new books.

New base packages

With Logos 5, we’ve revamped the base package lineup. We now have seven main base packages. Logos 4’s Home, Bible Study, and Leader’s packages have merged into Starter. Bronze is the new Scholar’s. And Diamond is the new package between Platinum and Portfolio. Check out the entire base package lineup to see the new packages.

Thousands of books

All our base packages are better than ever. We’ve added close to a thousand books, bringing the total number of base package resources to 2,543. Even if you’re moving to the Logos 5 version of your current package, you could be getting hundreds of new books.

What’s new in base packages?

  • Portfolio took a big jump from 1,669 books to 2,528. It’s the biggest library we’ve ever offered. Portfolio also gives you the biggest discount, and it qualifies for an 18-month payment plan.
  • Diamond is brand-new, with 1,951 books, plus all the Logos 5 features. If you currently own Platinum, Diamond is your recommended upgrade. Diamond also qualifies for an 18-month payment plan.
  • Platinum went from 1,244 books to 1,277. It includes all the features, plus the core critical texts and original language tools.
  • Gold went from 689 books to 1,030. If you want all the new Logos 5 features, this is the place to begin.
  • Silver now has 692 books. It has most of the Logos 5 features.
  • Bronze, which replaces Scholar’s, now has 421 books. It has some of the core Logos 5 features.
  • Starter is new to the lineup. It has 213 books and just enough features to give you the basic Logos 5 experience.

To see the complete list and find out which books are in each base package, view the comparison chart on the upgrade calculator.

You won’t lose any of your current books

When you upgrade to Logos 5, not only will you get all the new books—you’ll keep all your existing books!

Get the new features

These base packages are far more than just libraries. They’re how to get the new features: Timeline, Topic Guide, Sermon Starter Guide, Clause Search, Bible Facts, Bibliography, Scripture Memory Tool, Search Suggestions, and more.

We’ve also enhanced and updated the Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide, and Bible Word Study with new data.

And you’ll get new community features, which let you share reading plans, popular highlights, notes, and more, as well as view community ratings and community tags.

What’s more, we’ve given the entire interface a fresh new look. Logos 5 has a new layout and new icons, colors, and fonts. Everything is sharper, cleaner, and better organized. We’ve rearranged the homepage, and we’ve given you more ways to customize your experience.

If you’re on a Mac, the first thing you’ll notice: it’s blazing fast. We’ve made lots of changes under the hood, which means you’ll see significant speed improvements over Logos 4.

And if you’re on a touch-enabled Windows computer—and that includes computers running Windows 8—you’ll be able to tap anywhere you would click.

That’s just the start. We’ll be going into more detail on each of these features—along with all the features we don’t have room to list here—in the coming weeks. But if you’re ready to learn more right now and see screenshots and videos of Logos 5 in action, head on over to the features page.

Take advantage of personalized upgrade discounts!

All base packages and upgrades are discounted to celebrate the launch. In addition to the launch discounts, you’ll get a discount based on what you already own. Depending on your current library, your Logos 5 upgrade discount could be substantial. Visit the Custom Upgrade Discount Calculator to see how big your discount is.

These discounts are available only during the launch period, so don’t wait. See your personalized discount now!


  1. I’m confused. Are you saying that the first 3 packages are actually running a liter version of logos with missing functionality? Or is it that the functions are there but can’t work because resources not included?

    • Richard Crawford says


      Based on a conversation I had with one of the Logos direct sales reps, that is correct. Unless you purchase at least the Gold package, you do not get all the functionality in Logos 5 (I think … but I too am very, very confused with all this … )

      All the best,


      • Bruce Cullom says

        >> I too am very, very confused with all this … <<


        Scroll down to near the bottom of the link above to "Data Sets" and you can see what functions come with what new versions.

        Gold has ALL of the new functionality. Silver has all but one (the Bible Sense Lexicon).

    • Functionality is not there. It is already visible from description of each package. For example timeline starts from Bronze. I have Starter and do not have Timeline.


    • Bruce Cullom says

      Danny, read this link and it will be clear.


  2. This is a good post, reading this was the final decider that led me to upgrade from L4 Silver to L5 Gold. Really happy with the update so far (love the Topic Guide) and the new content has already been useful for a project we are working on.

  3. “Gold went from 689 books to 1,030. If you want all the new Logos 5 features, this is the place to begin.”
    From this I understand all Logos 5 features are available in the Gold package. However in my upgrade page it says that Bible Sense Lexicon is not included in the Gold package upgrade, but is included in Platinum upwards. So, which one is true? I would like to know before upgrading, please.

    • Clint Scott says

      Hello Abishai,

      I Can assure you the Bible Sense Lexicon is in the Gold Package and it is pretty awesome, just been using it. be sure you have click on Gold in the Comparator and that you are looking at the correct line, I suspect you are looking at the Silver Package line by mistake.

  4. Nathan Wells says

    “When you upgrade to Logos 5, not only will you get all the new books—you’ll keep all your existing books!”

    What if I don’t want any new books – just the new system? I mainly use Logos for Biblical languages, and the commentaries I want, I buy individually.

    But I am fed up with how slow the interface for Logos 4 is (I have an Intel i7 and ATI graphics it is still slow), so with the update I was hoping it might be faster, but that is all I want.

    • Bruce Cullom says

      ** I am fed up with how slow the interface for Logos 4 is (I have an Intel i7 and ATI graphics it is still slow), so with the update I was hoping it might be faster, but that is all I want.**

      Logos 5 for Windows 7 seems to run a bit faster than Logos 4.

      I too have an i7 3.4gig, 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM and a NVIDIA GTX 550 ti video card with 1 gig of DDR-5 RAM on board.

      But a HUGE improvement in Logos speed came when I installed a 256 gig Crucial M4 Solid State drive. It benchmarks at approximately 5 times the read speed of my Seagate Barracuda hard drive.

      Installing a Solid State drive completely eliminated the “lag time” I experienced with Logos 4. Also, Logos now opens in 14 seconds flat.

      • Brian McKenzie says

        I agree with Bruce. The best way to speed Logos up is with an Solid State Drive. Having a fast disk is more important than a fast CPU from my experience.

        My laptop has a mid range mobile CPU (i5-430M, a 2 core with 4 threads) but it almost never runs at 100% even though I have the OS and Logos on a SSD. Here are 3 speed tests I just ran for Passage Guide work ups. A PG for Numbers 1 took about 15 seconds with the CPU averaging about 90% (range of 80% to 95%) for the first 10 seconds and 25-35% for the last 5 or 6 seconds. Doing a Passage Guide for Isaiah 1 took about 20 seconds with the CPU ranging from 80% to 97% for the first 10 seconds and then about 50-60% for the next 5 and 25-30% for the remaining 5 seconds. A PG for Rev. 19 took about 20 seconds with the CPU averaging about 90% (80% to 98%) for 11 seconds and then it dropped down to around 20-35% for the last 9 seconds.

        When I got this laptop it had a typical laptop hard disk and I found Logos to be painfully slow. Upgrading to an SSD made a bit improvement.

        Blessings to all.

        • Bruce Cullom says

          ** Upgrading to an SSD made a bit improvement. **

          I think Brian meant to say a “big” improvement. :)